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Buyer left a Negative review for no reason and Sells went down!

Hello everyone,
Hope all are doing well.

I’m a Graphics Designer working here on Fiverr from last 2 Years and never got a negative review until now. Some days ago a guy bought 2 Banners from me, after showing him the Designs he told me to change little things here and there so I did those and he said it was perfect so I delivered it. He accepted the order right away. Then he told me in private message where is the Banners I can’t find it, Then I tried to give him instructions but as he didn’t understand I sent both Banners again in messages. Then next day he messaged me saying 1 of the Banner’s some parts looking blurry on YouTube, I simply asked him to send me a screenshot so I can understand better. He sent me a screenshot captured from a mobile. I saw the whole Banner was looking a bit blurry and overall low resolution but the both files I sent were perfect size and resolution so I told him to try uploading the Banner again and he said it’s same. So I advised download again form my messages and upload form a desktop. I also sent him a screenshot of that Banner looking perfect on my test channel. He didn’t replied for 3 days, then posted a 2.3 review saying I didn’t do his modifications and wasted his time asking too many questions about the design.

If you search YouTube Banner, my that gig was in the second line of first page now you can’t even find it. I was about to reach 1k completed orders by this weekend but now I’m getting no orders.

It really hurts to deal with such a terrible thing, also I do this full time so it’s really affecting my life as well.

Feel free to share your thoughts and if anyone knows how Fiverr works and how I can resolve this ( getting sales again )

Also I’m these days frequently getting 4.3 and 4.7 Stars because of the app bug, buyers told me that they wanted to put 5 but it says error. I told them to contact CS but they were lazy and I totally understand that.

Thank you,
Have a great day ahead.

Actually it’s against Fiverr T&C to ask a buyer to change the review, also he won’t change it I’m pretty sure about that.

If a buyer mistakenly did that negative review without knowing what he/she is doing. There are many people who are extremely naive at computers. What should be the way then?

Noooooo, unless you want a warning or a ban from Fiverr, never, ever do this! Contact Customer Service if you’re really desparate to get this resolved, otherwise you just have to bite the bullet and carry on. It’s not worth having your account suspended.

Fiverr is so incredibly strict about review manipulation that you should literally not even mention a review to a buyer.

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I’m pretty sure He meant the review.

I’m afraid you’re right.

Keep your chin up, pal. If you haven’t already explained yourself in the response to this buyer’s review, do so now. Keep it professional and polite, just explain that this was actually not an error in your delivery - basically exactly how you explained it to us here.

One 2 star review is not going to tank your ratings, especially with nearly 1,000 orders. I don’t know about your orders slowing down except that I’ve heard so many times that Fiverr’s algorithm is weird and sensitive and sometimes these things happen. Hopefully you’ll be back on your feet again soon.

Just keep doing your good work, only review can’t affect your gig ranking. Keep good work and it will right back where it belongs.
Some Buyers do this kind of thing because they want us to read there mind telepathically so they don’t have to answer our question.
One of my client order website designing and I delivered him a good website, neither he asked for modification nor an extra feature just leave 2.5 start with not satisfed text.
I asked him before if he happy with my delivery or not, does he want modification? He want me to become professor x, But I block him afterwards.

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Got ya, Thanks for the Explanation!

Okay. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!