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Buyer left bad review

Hi there! I had my first order completed but the buyer has left a bad review(2.4 rating).And because of that I cannot make new offers.My question is how can I get orders in future since buyer request option is the only way to get orders?


Share your gig on social media


You could reach out and market and promote your gig to the target customers that need your services. As a freelancer on this site, you are managing a business, and as business owner, it is your responsibility to promote your gig, and work to convince people to hire you.


Hi Jonbaas! are you sure that’s going to work?because with bad rating I don’t think anyone would think of hiring me.What’s your opinion on that?

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Chances are low but if you talk with customer professionally and show your work and experience then you might get started again
and if they ask about the review explains them what happened


Shubhaamdahale the seller left bad review for no apparent reason.I was doing more than the order.I even remain in contact with him all day.I think there’s no respect for sellers on fiverr.And where do I promote my self on social media any idea ?

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This happens in professional world many times
i myself also faced many situations like these dont take them personally move on

choose and target right hashtags and message the people on social media who have requirement related to your field

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Thanks Shubhamdahale!! I will try

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If it is first order and first review it is better idea to delete and recreate same gig.
Also find out what happen wrong from your end and correct it for future orders.


Use this one as lesson. Find out the reason why client gave you 2.4 ratings. Next time try fully satisfied your client. Also dont give up because of the bad rating. Just try to do some modifications on your gig. use socila media to market your fiverr profile. Hope soon you will get another order. Wish you all the best in fiverr job hunting. :clinking_glasses:

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Why does everything think I’m just offer random opinions? I know it works, because I’ve done it to build up the customer base for my gigs. People will hire you if you can show them that you have the skills and abilities to solve their problems. They key is, though, you are going to have to do a lot of work to reach out and introduce yourself. People are not going to hire you if they don’t trust you.

Stop relying on Fiverr stats to define you; rely upon your skills, abilities, and the customer connections you work hard to make. Sitting back, worrying about your Fiverr rating, and doing nothing is NOT going to make you successful.


Social media and marketing. That is the only way you are going to do it. Or wait for the next evaluation. That will help you I think

Can you please explain how next evaluation could help me?

Sparx_intros will I loose money that iv earned from the gig if I delete it?(the payment is pending)

Hello Jonbaas,

I have a question specifically for you, you are a second level seller with more than 10 orders in queue and I belive that you were a top seller before this new updates strike on sellers, but you are also very active and helpful at Fiverr Forum, Could you please tell us how do you manage the orders and rest of the time so perfectly.?


First of all Contact with your buyer and ask him to change his review. Do promotions for your gigs.

No, it will not affect your balance.

The overall rating will still be the same, though: 2.4 stars. Plus, with no gig that has that rating, it will look like OP is trying to hide something.

EDIT: OP’s account seems to be gone.


The way is share gigs in social media every day.