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Buyer left negative feedback and need refund .?

Hello everyone, for fist time i got negative feedback and After order was automatically marked completed, buyer left negative feedback and asking for refund.

So my question is, if i refund his amount by canceling order will that eliminate negative feedback also .?

A scathing review indeed. (the "absolutely dreadful! blah one). Well, you’re gonna have to get in his good books somehow and get him to agree to remove the bad review as well as a refund.

Pro-tip: make it all about him.

If he’s being completely unfair and you can prove it, then go to Customer Support with screenshots and good reasons.

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thank you, i will do like you said

Hi @darshanc I agree with @emmaki . You need to ensure if you have done all that was required in the order. If yes, try to take a polite and humble opinion from your buyer for their reason of marking you negative. If s/he says something not fulfilled but was never there in your order then customer support is the way to go first. However, if s/he says everything you did intact but s/he is just not happy with the end result. Offer refund to avoid partial discoloration on those golden stars in your profile and gigs.

Short Answer: No
Since its the natural law here on Fiverr “Buyer” should be pleased with good work and your rating is dependant on his/her reviews , so there’s no way of removing that negative review the best call is to have a strong heart and move on and keep selling good stuff (y)

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