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Buyer Left Positive Words But Gave Me a Thumbs Down

I am already having a bad day. I came up here to finish and order then I noticed a buyer had left feedback. I went to go leave feedback for them only to find that they had left me a thumbs down with the comment “strong writer, perfect article”. Now my rating has gone down and I have read once it goes down you can never get back to 100%. Since the buyer wrote positive things on a thumbs down is it possible for customer service to give me my 100% rating back?

Hello victoria91, I think that the thumbs down was a mistake of the buyer, in my opinion you have to message this buyer and ask him why did he do that, and he will say it was a mistake so you have to screenshot this and send it to fiverr customer service and describe them what happend they will change it.

I hope that I helped! :slight_smile:


Yep. It sounds like a mistake (the buyer probably clicked wrong and didn’t notice). Sometimes people are in a hurry and stuff like this happens. Just contact the buyer and tell him (nicely) that you are confused about the situation. If you can’t get a hold of him/her I’m sure CS will understand (it’s pretty obvious to me that it’s a mistake).

Either way, I hope they fix the mess!

I had that happen to me recently. Just message the buyer and let them know the confusion. Most likely, they were in a hurry or perhaps on their phone when they left feedback. They can change it themselves, and go ahead and let CS know if you don’t get a timely response from the buyer, to see if they’ll change the thumbs direction. I don’t see this being a real issue. Good luck!

The same happened to me, and I contacted the buyer who didn’t reply. A quick message to CS explaining the situation, and it was updated to a thumbs up.

I sent a message to CS and they responded quickly and fixed the problem. Thanks so much everyone for your advice.

That was a lucky break, glad it was sorted promptly for you.