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Buyer Lied About Extent of Project

Hi. There is a brand new buyer, and I believe I’m his first order. He/she placed an order and told me I would be doing data entry for approximately 50 slides. I sent them a custom offer and they asked for a lower price. I was willing to go lower since it was a new buyer and I wanted to give him a good first impression of Fiverr. When I started the project, I realized it was absolutely nowhere near the 50 slides he showed me in the photos. I mean, each of those 50 slides, branched off into about 50-100 more slides. This is a huge project. The overall result will be somewhere between 200 and 300 pages in multiple MS Word documents. For NOT a lot of money at all.
I don’t know what to do. I mean, he’s telling me to answer the questions on his course tests and everything. The whole thing is just not what we agreed to. But he’s new to Fiverr and I don’t want to push him away or lose a future potential buyer. I already put so much time into this project. :frowning:
I’m just so stressed about this.


You can send them an extra for the slides they didn’t mention and explain why you’re doing so, or ask CS (politely) to cancel the order for you since this is not what you agreed on. You can also do the work and get the little money your buyer is paying you - I wouldn’t choose to do this, though.


Just cancel it! Someone that has asked for a discount and wasn’t entirely honest about the amount of work isn’t someone you’d want to keep as a buyer anyway.

Trust me: You wouldn’t be losing a future potential buyer, you’d be saving yourself from any stress related to working with buyers like this.

I understand it may be hard to walk away when you already put so much time, but I don’t think it’s worth to keep pushing through.

I’d send a professional worded, but firm, message saying that that’s not what was agreed upon, and when placing the order they agreed “the information I (they) provided is accurate and complete”.

In order for you to finish the order they would have to pay extra to cover all the extra work which wasn’t agreed upon. They will probably decline, then you just go to Customer Support and ask to have it canceled cause your buyer is asking additional work out of the scope of the original order.

Good luck!


They intentionally lied to you about scope of the work and you are still trying to be honorable of your deal :wink:

To be honest as others said I would’ve first told them (even though they are a first time buyer here) that this is not the scope we agreed for, explain in bullet points what is included in the offer and send them custom offer for an extra work included (which as I understand will double the price) and if they decline (which is most likely will happen because they lied to you from the beginning to get a cheaper price) then go to CS and ask them to cancel your order as client lied to you about scope of work and demanding more work without paying for it.

No matter if they are new or not it is too sneaky and they will be difficult to work with even if they will agree for an extra charge.

EDIT: and actually if buyer added all this info later on in the project you can attach a screenshot like this :point_down: where he agreed that all information is correct and adding new things might require extra charge. you can find it at the bottom of the requirements.


It is sometimes challenging to see how some clients become dishonest and demoralizing to see a client go.However in such situations one has to be firm with his principles. Just inform the CS on the matter and cancel the order.

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explain to them nicely that the work they submitted to you was a lot more than what you guys agreed to, and that you already gave him/her a lower price. Other than that is like most comments here, you will need to either accept the project and keep going, or just cancel it. Nothing more you can do about it. This is a learning experience for you, to ask for the work prior to giving customers a price so you can gauge the difficulty of the job. good luck :slight_smile:

Well, I deserve either a medal or a badge of idiocy. I completed the project anyway, against my better judgment. And for only $38 simple dollars, I just finished 818 MS Word pages for him, on a project that he told me was 50 slides long. This guy better give me the best review in the world or I honestly might have an aneurysm. The delivery time was approaching so, I messaged him with this message. He never answered me. I kept my word, and continued to send him the files, which as I said, so far totaled to 818, without one section of tests which he did actually want in it too but I had to put my stop somewhere, enough was enough. Today would be the 3rd day where the order would be automatically accepted if he really doesn’t say anything, but somehow I doubt that will happen. I think he was just waiting for me to stop sending all the files which I just did. I don’t know though. I’m so stressed out about this because I’m sitting here sending him file after file and he could at least have the decency to answer me. I just pray he doesn’t turn on me and not write a good review or at least tip me after I did all this work for basically free. I feel like an idiot.

[The message I sent him]
Hey, since you’re a first-time customer of mine and you’re brand new to Fiverr, I just wanted to know that I completed this project as a courtesy. I wanted to be completely honest with you and let you know that in a normal circumstance, this project would have costed much, much more. What you paid for was 50 slides of data entry, which I gave you a discounted rate on. After I received the project and started working, I saw that it was nowhere near that small of a job. The finished product will be hundreds of pages in multiple MS Word documents. If you view my packages, you’ll see they are priced at $40 for approx. 20 pages, 5 days delivery, $150 for approx. 100 pages – 10 days delivery and $300 for approx. 300 pages – 14 days delivery. Normally, a seller would not continue past 50 slides without further payment, but I did as a courtesy since it was our first time working together and you’re new here. But I just wanted to make you aware, so you understand how things work for future projects. I’ll be giving the sections that are already completed and continue to work, since when I set the delivery time, I was setting it for data entry of only 50 slides. At that point, I had no reason to believe the finished product wouldn’t be completed before the set time limit. But what you actually have me doing, is going to take longer than that. I’m quite far into it and moving quickly so it isn’t going to take long, but I just wanted you to understand why it wasn’t completed early as I originally had projected.


I hope you’ve delivered it all via the Deliver Now button, otherwise Fiverr won’t count it as an official delivery.


@catwriter omg, let me go do that. Thank you. :pray: :raised_hands: :+1:


You’re welcome! And remember that everything must be delivered when you use the Deliver Now button, or the buyer will be able to complain to CS about incomplete delivery.


Hmm, but what happens when the asshat makes you use 4,000 different MS Word documents so there’s no possible way to send it all in one shot? @catwriter Because it kept saying I reached the max size limit.

A .zip file? Or uploading everything to DropBox and sending them the link (in an attachment, so you’re sending a document)?


@catwriter Ah, true. I didn’t even really think of all that at the time considering it wasn’t all finished yet. Ugh what a mess.

Don’t it to yourself and others. This person will move on to torturing other unfortunate souls with their unrealistic expectations citing previous experiences as a justification to underpay and demand things. It doesn’t help the marketplace at all.

I have no idea why the “good first impression” notification is even there. I keep receiving it with buyers who have used fiverr before according to their profiles.


Since you mentioned something about test answers, it’s not allowed to provide any type of academic work or help. If he slips in some requirement for you to provide test answers it’s best to cancel the order so you are not violating the rules.

It’s also not allowed for the buyer to increase the amount of work once he submits the requirements. It’s best for you if you hold buyers to the rules of the site.


@misscrystal good to know. That was the one section I never did. He wanted me to answer the test questions. So, there was about 8 slides just solely for test, and I straight up ignored those. When here was tests within the note sections that I was copy-and-pasting into MS Word, I copied the tests into MS Word, but didn’t answer them. I mean, I couldn’t even if I wanted to it was in a different language. :rofl: No, but seriously, I was uncomfortable with that, and I had a feeling there had to be some sort of violation against that. So, I’m glad I didn’t. When I sent the delivery I specifically wrote “everything except the texts” as well. so I’m happy about that too knowing this fact.

He finally replied early this morning with a positive answer:
Hello Dominique, thank you for your commitment and reply.
I am glad I organised this gig with you.
You have showed me integrity, commitment and moral standards which I didn’t think of finding here at my first time.
I would like to make it up to you in some way, even if I cannot p.a.y your full price.
I would like to know for the pages you have done in total, what would actually be your price.

So, maybe he’ll leave a decent tip. That would be nice.


Make sure to read the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the current rules as to how Fiverr works as a violation can risk your account.


I would ask cs to cancel the order honestly.

It would be nice, but he said

@catwriter Yeah, well when I accepted to do the project at that price, I knew I would never get paid what I actually would price it for in a normal situation. I accepted that when I continued working. I may not have been HAPPY about it, but I knew it was what I signed up for by not cancelling. But of course, there’s always the hope the buyer will have the decency to write a really great review about you and tip well – or at all.

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