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Buyer Lied About Extent of Project

:triangular_flag_on_post: You know you’re in for problems.


Then it’s “goodbye” time. Or “badbye” in this case.


Hi! Had my share of over-delivering, like most of the freelancers do. I would say that whatever good this experience might get you (you never know), for sake of your well-being and the profitability of your business, please do not repeat it. Canceling an order is not end of the world, you know :slight_smile: Intentionally losing future potential buyers is the best you can do, actually. I refuse people on a constant basis (mostly outside fiverr, I only had the chance to do it here few times, as I’m a new user). And I consider that a key decision for my business and my well-being. We should strive to find clients that are a good fit for us, in order for things to go well for both parties. Good luck!


If the stress level of working with someone is so high my stomach is hurting then I will cancel. I experience physical symptoms if they are a big problem. I don’t have that happen often fortunately.



Please don’t do this to yourself. Fiver Customer support is not that bad, you should have approached them and cancelled the order. You’re setting yourself up for failure by over-delivering by such a large extent and also it gives the buyer further confidence to exploit you.

I can only imagine how stressful this entire episode might be. If the buyer requests revisions, just contact customer support and thoroughly explain your situation to them, they will gladly cancel this order for you and your order completion ratings shouldn’t be affected as well.

Doing such orders not only affects you mentally but also ensures that your quality of work deteriorates for other genuine customers.

I wish you well.


Thank you so much for your advice. Thankfully, the order is already closed and over by now. He did write me a really nice review, about my integrity and hard work (without spelling out the situation for the world to know and repeat) and tipped me $19 (he originally said he was going to tip me 40, but he then messaged back and said he couldn’t tip more than the gig was worth - which I did learn to be true later on. So, although the situation wasn’t ideal and I hope to never have to repeat it, at least it didn’t end on a sour note. But lesson learned for the future. :slight_smile:


You can send a custom order for a tip if you need to.

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If she wants to continue her communication with that buyer instead of blocking him.