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Buyer lies to me?


I edit gigs here on fiverr. I’ve done it on and off for a while, never had a major problem. I have a buyer approach me for a 4500 word gig.

I open it and it’s over 5700 words. Because it’s more than 1000 words over the limit (I’m pretty lenient but this seemed like a lot) I contacted the buyer to let them know. I offered to cover the full amount for an extra $10 or just edit up to 4500 words.

Four hours later I received no reply. I messaged again through the formal resolution process. Again no reply. I then messaged him again asking for a response. I received nothing (it’s been about 12 hours by this stage). I then asked for a cancellation on the grounds that they hadn’t responded and the gig was beyond the limits.

They message me back telling me it was only 500 words over and refuse the cancellation…I had to send them a screenshot of the document they HAD sent me showing the word count. He then tells me he would have paid me tips above and beyond the price had I done it. Or I could have just edited the 4500 and sent it on…

I tell them that I tried to offer this yesterday (He only messaged me once the 24 hours was up) and he’d refused to respond. He then tells me I ‘have 15 minutes to send him the WORK’ because he’s going to bed.

I’ve contacted fiverr but honestly I feel really upset that I got stuck with this gig and a buyer who keeps sending me these passive aggressive messages because the center won’t help me.


Keep patient and complete the order … As the buyer told that he will give tips ,and you have already completed the work .Now just deliver and complete the order … May be you know that if a order will 2 days late then buyer can cancel the order and left 1 star …

Now your wish …


If you believed that all work is completed as per buyer request then delivered it. If there is no response from buyer the order will be automatically mark complete in 3 days.

Tell buyer that if he need more “500 words” then upgrade the order it will be consider as extra. If you think buyer will give tip after order mark as complete then do it.


Deliver the 4500 words and send hi a custom offer to cover the rest.


I don’t understand all these people telling you to do the job anyway. And they all seem to have seen somewhere in your message that you did the job already.

If you told customer support to cancel the order they will cancel it for you if you explained that the buyer didn’t respond to your requests.

You have a very cheap buyer there and no one can expect you to do this job under the circumstances.

Of course he’s not going to tip you if he won’t agree to pay for the extra words.


$10 for 4500 words? and he even tries to cheat on you?


No pain No gain, just try to be as pro as possible and knock CS