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Buyer likes the work still gave me 1 star! Very BAD EXPERIENCE!

Hi, so today I got the order(basic package) and I delivered the work within 10hrs and the buyer accepts the delivery in 30mins and when check he gave me a 1.3star rating and said “nice video”

I don’t understand why they do that?? If he likes the video why he gave me a very bad star rating??

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That’s what he feels like giving. Sorry. You can’t control that. Just move on.

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Unfortunately, the way that you’ve structured your business, you’re just asking for things like this to happen.

Your basic package is $5…

For a video…

In 24 hours or less…

$5 for a VIDEO…

Do you see the issue here?

Your buyer probably wasn’t very keen on the video, but didn’t want to say anything mean in their review to you. Also, keep in mind, they’re not just reviewing your work - they’re also asked to review your communication, and whether they would use you again. It sounds like they rated you poorly in those areas.

It’s against the Terms of Service to cancel/refund an order. And honestly, for many people nowadays, especially in places like the US and Europe, losing $5 is nothing. It’s the cost of a cup of coffee. Rather than ask for revisions or fight with Customer Support, they probably just thought “Ah whatever, I’ll just buy from somewhere else instead.”

Unfortunately, offering what you’re offering for $5, you made it all-too-easy for a buyer to do that.