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Buyer likes work delivered, but he reject it, and asks for an extended work. Is that right?


Hi to every one !

2 hours spended for a 5$ job. Buyer likes it but what he does?
He rejects it, and ask me for revision.

He says he love the job, but wants an extension of the work, and
asks me for a service that I do not have incluided on my gig.

Conclusion? I have to cancel, and I lose the $, and my time, but i do it because
I dont want tell him…

Hey, mark my job as completed but I can´t do the next
service you are asking me to do, because I´m afraid I could get a bad review !

What to do to avoid problems and do not waste more time ?

Easy ! “Cancel” (It is not good to have cancelations, but worse is having bad reviews isn´t ?)

That should´t be like this right ?

If we, sellers, finish our work, I think we should get payed for it, instead of the buyer rejecting it,
and asking for an extension of the work !

What we, sellers, can do in these cases ?


New to the community!


I just send what he buyer has purchased. If he want more he need to pay or if he refuse to pay and give me bad review then I will report in cs. If they (cs) don’t remove my feedback I really don’t care too much. I just send to buyer one message to never hire me again and I move forward.
Cancelation will hurt gig rank and also you will work for free. Your buyer will be happy that he has free job and I never make buyers happy, especially cheap buyers who they almost cry to spend more than $5.


Hi fidan06,

Thanks for sharing your opinion about this.

I understand what you mean, but isn´t worse to have a bad review, than having
a cancellation?

My reviews are absolutly excellent, and everybody always very
happy with my work, and I do not want any black spots on my curriculum.


I have some bad reviews and I don’t care. I always try to do my best, is not my fault that some buyers don’t have clue what they want or they try to get stuff for free.
One bad review is because buyer ordered $5 for flyer design and choose to use my flyer that is in my gig, and I did. Then, she blame me why her image is not look good because it was cut off in hair and in hands - so her image was bad. I take care just for design and not for stock photos or personal photos. Now I left with three options:

  1. To cancel
  2. To have bad review
  3. To go in the USA and to shoot new picture for her (LOL).

I decide to have bad review 1 star. This is the only way we can avoid the bad buyers that wants more than they have purchased or try to find reasons to cancel them :slight_smile:

I would suggest to not cancel orders just because someone ask. It is better to have one bad review rather than cancelation (My opinion).


Bad review, you still have their money.
Cancel, they have free work, you have nothing.

Take the money and don’t work for free.


That’s great!

If a buyer wants extra work done for free, and you get a bad review because you refuse to work for free, you can leave a very polite, very professional response to that review, and explain exactly what happened. One bad review won’t ruin your business, and a response that shows that you refuse to work for free might convince that kind of buyers to stay away from you.


Hola Miquelinet,

I face the same issue so I posted the same thread on the forum last week. You can see the answers other sellers give me here: Mutual cancellation vs Bad reviews

This is a tricky subject. Most say you should go for the bad review instead of just canceling the order.


fidan06 I saw your page and you have two bad reviews…what happens if this happend to ofetn. You are going to be collecting bad reviews?


newsmike thanks for sharing your opinion !
But hey, 5$ ? is worth to have a bad review ? and if you do that
what´s going to happend next? How many smart buyres know how to handle
this kind of situations and you are going to have to face them all the time and ending having
bad reviews ?


I´m agree with you on this. I guess sellers we can also ask to CS to take out the bar review right ?


Hola san_barrionuevo como estas ?
Thanks you so much for sharing your link.

But look what I found there !

This is what one seller said in your post:

I prefer to cancel the order if its not very expensive one! reason is the cancellation ratio is always changing in every 2 months, so I know if i cancel one order , i can recover this after a fixed certain time! after 2 month it will be a totally new graph! even if you dont work for a long time and come after 2 months it will be 100% again!

in other hand, bad reviews harm more, and we all know how hard is recover from few bad reviews, and there is no certain time that you can wait to see your rating , it takes long time,! until if you have a decent amount of positive reviews already


We can ask CS to remove the bad review, but they will only do it if it violates Fiverr’s ToS.

Only you know whether it’s worth it or not. However, letting buyers get away with what you’ve done so far and keep it for free is encouraging bad behavior. They will learn that they can make you work and then take your work without paying for it, and they’ll keep doing it.


Well, yes, I think you´re right on this !
That´s true !


It is a very difficult situation, and one that I have been in too. Like you, miquelinet1, I always want to please my customers, so sometimes I go above and beyond and deliver more than was initially agreed. It can be difficult to know what to do when they keep coming back asking for more changes, and you do worry that they will leave you a bad review so I have also cancelled a few orders. The customer has the work and you have worked hard and have nothing. I do think that bad reviews matter though and sometimes I feel it is better to maintain my reputation and just let it go. It seems like a no-win situation.


Hi rosebarlow, I´m agree with you 100% yes ! That´s right, it seems like a non win situation !
Thanks for sharing your point of view !


I see your points, i think one of the best way to avoid this kind of issues is to have a clear communication. I cannot say i understand your frustrations as in Fiverr i am just a buyer. In real world yeah i definitely have similar issues.

Sometimes your gigs are written just to make a buyer contact you. I have made a mistake once of assuming what was written on the gig was what to be delivered and it did not end well. But i try not to leave any review in those situations.

Now i know communication is the key. I will use skype if i have to just to make sure we are on the same page. In my experience, almost always buyers don’t know every details of what they want. In my line of work i take initiative, i ask my client as many questions as possible because i know as a designer i might know what the buyer want more than he does, i will go as far as giving suggestions. But all in all communication. Create a checklist of questions if you have to.


Currently in all my gigs I have around 8-9 active orders. I can’t see that bad review have hurt my business. But when I cancelled orders, my sales go down for weeks. I am 500% sure but keep in mind this is my opinion and my experience.
Regarding if $5 worth for bad review. Trust me I would give $10 to these buyers just do not login in fiverr anymore, but since they think that they can take from us whatever they want for $5 or for free… I never cancel jobs anymore. It will not worth to work for free.


I’m agree with you i have a worse story. 2 days before i complete a order of $5. i offered him 200K (Bulk mails no niche) for $5 but in requirements he tell me 300K. if i don’t delivered him 300K then he will give me bad review. Then i check his profile & noticed that he was a label 2 seller.

Because of bad review i gave him 300K active mails but after getting my file he told me many things about my work. like this are bad, all are fake etc. after that he told me that if i didn’t sent him a dispute order then he will give me not bad review he will give me horrible bad review.

So i told hem if you don’t satisfied with my work then why don’t you sent me a dispute order. Now the answer is if you make me 3 minutes wait then i will give you a horrible bad review. After that i had to cancel the order.

Note: I was complain about it on our fiver CS but they are very serious not to take any action about it. I was send every prove of the threat but take no action.

Here is a prove. If i did wrong to tell you this than i apologized to you all. but i think you guys deserve to know.


Of course there is always the response “Screw you, give me whatever review you want”, and keep his money." Don’t be bullied and don’t work for free.


Thanks a lot @newsmike