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Buyer lost access to his account


I need advice from you. I had an order this week, I delivered it without problem. But the buyer seems to have lost access to his account. He contacted me from another account demanding the proof of the work delivered (which I sent to his first account of course). I told him to reset password or contact Fiverr CS team, but it seem he hasn´t done that.

What should I do then? Should I send to this new account the proof of the work delivered? (even if I’m not sure it’s the same person?)


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Since this can go sideways in several ways, I wouldn’t do anything yet and instead I’d contact CS and ask them what’s the best way to deal with this situation and what course of action you should follow (especially since that user can indeed be another person, although you could ask some questions to verify that)


Thanks a lot. I’ll certainly do that :slight_smile:

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#Just DO what @Woofy31 said above :point_up:

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