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Buyer made an order regarding illegal topic, can I refuse it?

Good morning. A buyer made an order (ignoring my specific request to message me before placing an order) about a certain topic, and asked me to write in a ‘friendly way’ to promote that topic. When I went to research, I found out the topic involves animal abuse and child abuse, and I don’t want to write anything friendly about it.

What can I do?


Your cancellation rate would go up and that will negatively impact your gig.
You can try customer support and see if they can help. :grin:

You should send mutual cancellation request regarding this to the buyer. Wait for some time… If buyer does not agree to cancel their order mutually then you should go to CS at that same time and show them the proof and screenshot of that order requirements submitted to you. Send the mutual cancellation request again and again if the buyer is not accpeting the cancellation untill CS does not reply to you. Otherwise your order may be marked as late deliver.
Be clever with this type of buyers.

But if I ask for cancellation it will only affect ME negatively as a seller, and do nothing to them. I don’t deserve this…

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I also had received this type of orders many times. But I instantly had sent the mutual cancellation of the order to the buyer. Your Cancellation rate may become low by 5% but atleast you should think that it is against the TOS.

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Suggest you contact Customer Support and explain that the buyer is asking for an inappropriate service. Ask them to cancel it for you.

You will find a list of what is not allowed in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I can understand this because this same had happened with me many times. If the buyerwill send the complaint to the CS regarding that order which is against TOS then you might get warning from fiverr. So it will be good for you to send a mutual cancellation request from your side which affects your cancellation rate by only 5% and if buyer send a complaint or request to cancel the order directly to CS then you may get noticed by CS that why you have not cancelled such like this type of orders and you might get warning from CS.
Think from your mind at once. Be clever with this type of buyers.

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contact customer support with proper details. if they see anything wrong, customer support will cancel it. it will not harm to your stats and gigs any of them. I have an experience. So you can do it.
Tell them that it’s not your fault. So, If you cancel it, it will harm your gig. so you want customer support cancellation .

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Thank you, I wanted to know if it was possible. I will try!

Just talk to CS regarding this issue and send them screenshots of requirements which is submitted to you. Or you can firstly send a mutual cancellation request to the buyer ask him to cancel their order. And at that same time, go to CS for this. So that buyer will get stuck and your delivery will not get late during mutual cancellation request. Also you will get some tim to get a respose from the CS at that time.
Be clever with this buyer and work with mind.
I hope CS will not let your ratings down.

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