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Buyer made changes after delivery and asking for refund

In this particular order, I delivered the project in time and even showed to the client that everything is working fine. The task was to add SSL certificate and I did that.

He didn’t accept the order and later came back with a dispute that “Website look has changed”.

So, for me to be sure about the issue I checked back in the server and not surprisingly I found that he had made some changes on his own and he is unable to resolve those, so he blamed me while raising a dispute and asking for a refund.

What should I do?

Try to talk with buyer again…, with “good manner” and proffesional …,
Give him facts…, that you don’t do anything about the website change…,
If buyer still can’t accept it…, then contact CS immediately,

Hopefully they can help you…,
although the chance is low…, still there are several case when Seller got their rights back :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response on this. Yes I tried my best to talk to him about this issue with giving him all the proofs, but he is too stubborn to accept his mistake and “buyer is always right”.

Yes, I just contacted CS, hope they understand the situation.