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Buyer made fraud and fiverr support cancel order without listening me

Buyer made fraud with me. I deliverd him work on time. After 10 days he said it not working. I checked his pc using teamveawer and found bot i made for him not working. It was something wrong with his windows pc or windows settings. He told other selenium script working fine in his pc. I rechecked my bot in my pc and it working fine. i tested bot again with other 2 pcs and it worked fine. i told him bot is working fine in other pcs something is wrong with your pc. His language became harish at once he said no my pc is perfect your code is not correct. I told him come in my pc on teamveawer and check with your eyes it working fine but he said he don,t want to see in your pc because it not helping. i need it must work in my pc.
in same days after this client i sold same bot to other client and it worked perfect in his pc and he accepted delivery and he ordered me for others and i completed all orders.

Now 1st client who said bot not working did not reply for last 2 days and on 3rd day i came to know support cancelled order without listening me. I told support buyer made something wrong with his pc to show me bot not working because same bot is working in other client,s pc and myself have test it on other pcs and it working fine.
Fiverr restore my completion rate but said money have refund and it can,t be back. Later they told buyer have told work was not delivered as requested. I told them whole story but they just restore my completion rate but not helped me to recover money. I told them i have all proofs and ready to answer all questions but it seems it all shall be useless because they already have cancelled order and returned funds to buyer.

1 more point this buyer before placing order requested to resuce price and i gave him discount but still he wanted more discount and i was not agree on his price. later he agreed and placed order. I think it was his pre plan to do like this. He made something wrong with his pc to just stop my bot working to show it not working fine.

I am afraid this is biggest weak point that if some buyer is smart he can get free stuffs from fiverr sellers and later by cancelling order can get money back and fiverr hard working goes waste.
This is total injustice with sellers. :cry: :cry: :cry:


Perhaps your buyer had an older version of windows/OS/Linux/Chrome OS. Have you tried testing your code on various different versions of both OS and the background processes required to run the code?

Good technical point your raise.

It run on windows pc and i told this to buyer before order and he was agree that he has windows pc with win10. I developed bot on my pc in win10. My other client on fiverr using this bot successfully also have win10. So i think operating system is not matter. Even i tested it with virtual windows on vmware in my pc and it working fine.
Point is he told me after 10 days that bot not working. During these 10 days may be he have tested bot on his and other pcs successfully and later he did something wrong with his pc to stop my bot working and showed me it not working. I am bot developer not windows expert so how i find what he did with his pc.
Point 2: In last days he put authentication on website so i was not able to login in website. Each time i had to contact him to login so while testing i had to run a lot of tests so each time asking him authentication code was hard for me. I asked him to remove and he told website does not allow to remove. My other client who using this bot told me website allows to remove authentication and i checked other client login and it loged in without authentication. So here fraud client again cheated me so that i shall not able to find fault.
This is total injustice.

But who shall listen to sellers. I am afraid if i continue to talk with fiverr support related this issue they may ban my account. But this is totaly injustice with sellers.

Read this topic I made the other week. CS cancelled one of my orders (and it turns out in the end it was by mistake).

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I agreee this is so annoying!

But why fiverr agents not listen to sellers while they listen buyers immediately. it,s so annoying.


i reas topic you recommend. i came to result that fiverr agents also make mistakes but often they not listen to sellers and think sellers are responsible for order cancellation but it,s not true that sellers always guilty. Many buyers also guilty just need to point out them.

But why fiverr agents not listen to sellers while they listen buyers immediately. it,s so annoying.

Hello, I understand your position and I am on your side. It is a difficult situation and it is hard to predict what buyer’s computer configurations are like. In this instance it may have been worthwhile to perform some trouble-shooting with the customer to help you find what the problem is. It would be unwise to immediately dismiss what the buyer has said and place all the blame on his computer without checking a few things first.

I checked his pc but i don,t know what he did his pc. Bot was not working in his pc but same bot was working in my pc and other pcs. On fiverr my other client using same bot successfully and have not any problem with bot. After all this how this fraud client can say bot is not working. I 100% sure he did something wring with his pc to stop my bot because later he put phone authentication to login website so that i can,t make tests of bot in my pc without his permission.
I 100% beleive that buyer made fraud because he was not happy with price in start but he did not find other seller in this price so he had to return back to me.
Most important thing is that i have given him source code as he requested. After looking source code he changed his pc settings accordingly and block the bot.

Unfortunately this is a risk of using Fiverr for gigs that don’t involve handing in files and are instead service related.

I’m not justifying it but the risk is inherent to doing that kind of work here. Fiverr can’t verify anything you’re saying because they can’t log into your buyer’s computer to check (and they wouldn’t do that anyway). So things become a matter of your word against his and you generally won’t win that.

why have you given this buyer the source code? Once you do that they do not need anything from you and you are giving your business away. There is nothing to stop them selling this to someone else.

with regards to the issue. The problem is if it does not appear to be working you either need to get it working, show why it is not working and provide a solution, or refund the customer. if you think he blocked it (the bot) to get a refund you need to show proof of this. Support can only go by what they are told and if a buyer shows them something is not working as ordered they are going to refund the buyer. you cannot’ say"buyer fraud" “buyers computer faulty” that’s laughable It doesn’t matter if it works with ten other customers. It is not working with this customer. If it does not work with their configuration either fix it or refund them.

I’m not saying you are being dishonest and the buyer very well may have made a change to his pc.
I think that if you have developed this bot and understand the source code, then surely you can figure out why your code isn’t running as expected? e.g is it a networking issue? is it a permissions issue? which part of the bot’s code isn’t running? I’m not blaming your bot, but your bot should at least fail in a graceful way and let you or the user know why it didn’t work and give a meaningful error.

For example, my primary gig is developing PowerShell scripts, I test the scripts thoroughly in my own lab on multiple computers before delivering them. For the more complex scripts, 5 times out of 10 a customer will run in to a problem because of a configuration on their system I did not expect and didn’t exist in my lab. I haven’t come across one I can’t fix yet, but the point is I could easily blame the customer for it not working and I can just tell them “well it works on mine!”. Or I can have the script give useful errors to help detect why it didn’t work and take appropriate action.

In my opinion you need to dig a bit deeper than “it didn’t work on his pc because he changed something”, The first question anyone would ask is “what is the error message?”. If you can’t answer that or at least demonstrate where the bot is failing, then you haven’t done enough.

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Buyer did not give time to troubleshoot his pc. Only first time he showed in his pc it not working and he said fix it. I not pc expert but still i tried to check his pc but can,t find what fraud he did. I make screenshots of errors and saved in my pc to check code accordingly and fix but next day i came to know support cancelled order without listening me and without giving me time.
Important point is buyer was already in contact with support and to show support that bot not work he allowed me only 1 time to check pc. Actualy he was not showing me he was just making fake proof to show to support.
if he give me some time like 2 days then may i find what was problem but he knew this reality that,s reason he quickly cancelled order with support.
About source code before placing order he asked for source code and i told him price with sourcecode so it was my responsibility to deliver source code.

You are right developer must know why his creature is failing. But for this developer need sometime to check. This client is smart he told me about error after contacting to support. Now i don,t know he already in contact with support. I checked bot in his pc and it was not working. i not pc expert but still i checked his pc but i was not able to check why it not working. i told him something is blocking it and same bot work in my pc but he said he need it working in his pc.
I made screeshots of errors and saved so that i can check it later. I told him i need 1 day to check and he said ok. Now before next day support cancelled order.
I think if buyer know rules of fiverr and he is smart then he can make frauds with bot sellers.