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Buyer made me a dispute after I delivered (discrimination? IDK)

Hello Community!

I currently have a Buyer who got me into a dispute over something I’m suspecting:

The work consisted in the layout of 3 pages in Divi using some PDF designs. Initially the client gave me some files that corresponded: 1). ai: some illustrations of the design, including the logo. 2) .psd: some designs that did not correspond to the final design 3) .pdf: the final designs.

At first, before placing the order, he had been told that the layouts in Divi were not going to be 100% faithful and that I could get close to 95%.

The PDF files of the final designs were incomplete with: 1- lorem ipsum texts, texts in English and Spanish, 2- images taken from another website. At no time were some functionalities discussed that, although they were in the common sense layout, they were not established to elaborate. The PDF files are incomplete final layout by the client and were produced as delivered.

For the development of the website, it was initially done locally (XAMPP) because the server where it is currently hosted presented problems, such as installing plugins and themes. I got in touch with the client who gave me FTP access to do it and he didn’t do it. He installed the theme (first suspicion). To this day, you can not update the theme because you have to do it manually.

A period of time was established where the website had to be elaborated and the website was delivered one or two days before the date. It is worth mentioning that the client opened a dispute with me a few days after having started because he had to present “a first visualization” to his boss. I asked him to respect the delivery time to Fiverr and that when the work was delivered he could do the pertinent revisions.

The client delivered a PDF of the observations, including functionalities that the website said it should do. This was not discussed in the beginning and if it was, I would not accept it from the beginning. It also took the design of another web page and that this function should be the same.

I demanded that he give me the PSD of the final layout and he didn’t do it. He sent me again the files he initially gave me and other illustrations he wanted to change which in the second delivery was done.

The client did not give me any answer but established the dispute pointing out that I had Internet problems in Venezuela (he named my country and we never talked about it) and I did but because they were doing maintenance and I DO NOT LIVE IN VENEZUELA. and that is why I did not respond. I feel like the client hired me to steal my job because I look like a Venezuelan. The client is from Peru and I have had many problems with the people who live there. On several occasions they have tried to swindle me.

I removed access to the website with the intention of stealing the work done

What do you think?


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However, your Fiverr account DOES state that you are from Venezuela. You can’t fault a buyer for responding and referring to the nation that IS listed on your profile.


Of course, you’re right, but he simply assumed that because I was Venezuelan he had a dispute with me to steal my job.

Unfortunately, many Venezuelans (because of the economic situation) are “giving away” their work for money. However, many people take advantage of this to swindle us or exploit us at the labor level at a price. That is why I emphasize that Buyer is from Perú and on several occasions I have had to block and denounce many accounts for these actions.

I feel that the client wants to swindle me because he didn’t answer anything, but rather he got into a dispute and took away my credentials in order to steal my work.

How do you know what he assumed? Did you read his mind?

Taking actions like that, based upon assumptions is a terrible way to conduct business. Not everyone from that country is a bad buyer.

Again, how do you know this? Maybe he had a valid reason to not respond right away. Why are YOU discriminating against someone else based upon assumptions?

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As I have told you before, this (to me personally) is very regular and is a situation that not only occurs in Fiverr but also outside.

The client’s actions caused me a lot of concern at first, but I was still working safely. As I said, he had a dispute with me a few days after the work had started… that bothered me a lot and I told him that he should respect the delivery time.

I was simply surprised by the client’s comment when he said that “I have Internet problems because I live in Venezuela” and that he thought it was “absurd” even for the deadline. I think if I didn’t agree, I wouldn’t have contracted, what do you think?

Or maybe I’m paranoid but the truth is that this is a very bad experience.

Thank you for your answer.

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