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Buyer make me fool

The client said I want a preview before placing the order. I sent him two sketches(related to his logo). And am 100% sure he like that sketch. when I said kindly place the order then he did not reply to my massage. After this I realize he is also a graphic designer, He wants only a good idea about his or his client logo and he just traces that sketch on illustrator and finds his logo without any cost.


Really sad! don’t worried about that. take it positively. some bad people everywhere. just go ahead.


Then why did you decide to work for free?
Fiverr is build in a way where work starts only after placing an order.
If you decided to work without an order then it’s on you :woman_shrugging: Don’t misuse fiverr and you will have a very little room to be scammed.


No one made you do free work.

Think critically.


So sad
after place an order then start work

I’m sorry to hear that man. Unfortunately, there are a lot scam artists on this service. The best advice I can give you is if someone tries to persuade to do something you normally wouldn’t do, don’t do it. Always be ready to walk at anytime, no matter how much money they offer you. Trust me, if it seems too good to be true then it probably isn’t true.

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Make sure if it would never happend again in your life

Now I will do the same. Thanks for suggestions.

Yeah, Its my mistake,Will take care in future. Thanks!

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Recently i faced the same thing. Buyer wanted a demo of his work and i did that. After that he didn’t place the order. Although i didn’t provided him any source file but i invested my time. So its a lesson don’t work for free. So times they just want any idea how to they can proceed.


They’re only a client/buyer if they actually buy.

The next time someone asks for something like that, you can politely tell them that Fiverr strongly recommends never to start working until the order is placed.


Make sure you won’t repeat it again. It happens everywhere. The best idea is to share your portfolio instead of giving the idea of the current work.

Make your own portfolio to show your work, you really don’t need to make free samples.

In some case, you still want to share a sample, use watermarks for a free sample.

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so bad, I hope you get another order

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