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Buyer makes dispute

i am in trouble. Buyer place an order without communicating.He bought my basic where i have offered 5 slide or more but he gives me 23 slide to redesign that i do not include at basic. After receiving delivery he makes dispute that i did not receive. I have asked him attaching here an example or telling details that i understand and make it perfectly.He needs to refund money now, How to do that without cancellation ?

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You can not refund without a cancellation.
Cancellation = refund

I think it can only buyer but how to do it without cancellation ?

I totally don’t understand what you are saying.

As I said :point_down:

Buyer want to refund money.How will he get money ?

He can get his money only by cancelling the order.
There is no other way. As I already said 2 times.

Hey, @mariashtelle1 I knew the matter about dispute. I did create this post because I was in dilemma. At last I am able to dissuade buyer about his project. Today he leaves 5* rating and review that makes me joyful.
Thanks for your kind response.