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Buyer makes mistake but its affect our account what to do?

We work harder and follow all the rules to make our account perfect but some buyer makes a mistake and it affects our account what to do?

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Yeah I understand. Some buyer didn’t read what’s included and what’s not, This happen with me almost every week But if there is not your fault You can contact Fiverr CS they will take 2-3days to respond but they’ll surly help you!!


Can you use the requirement to make buyer keep making order that irrelevant to your gigs?

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Thanks for your reply.

Actually I did but during pandemic its takes too longer to response. My order counter is ticking… (: I request to cancel order in resolution center but buyer not responding.

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You don’t need to cancel the order, and As long as there’s not your fault Whenever FIVERR CS respond they will Fix your stats So you don’t need to worry👍

Just wait for the message from FIVERR SUPPORT.

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Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Actually, some users said that CS contacted them in 10 days. Don’t worry if they don’t answer in a week. They will answer eventually.

A while ago buyer by mistake put 3 orders, then he contacted Fiverr Support and they cancelled 2 orders and my completion rate went down + I lost my level 1 badge. Yeah, it was almost 1 year ago. I hope Fiverr will find some new ways to solve such problems