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Buyer Manipulation

If sellers do write delivery time such as 2 hours, 5 or 12 in gig title. Is that part of buyer manipulation?

I think so these kind of gig title is clearly buyer manipulation and violation of fiverr terms!!

Just because fiverr gig delivery time is minimum 1 day as per gig setting feature.! So if someone write in their gig title less that 24 hours. That should buyer manipulation. In 2nd way - When buyer does buy any gig such kind of that title. Buyer receive 24 hour time of job deadline. So that can be negative impact.

what you say?

If the seller can deliver in the time they say with quality work, I see no issue. The issue for me is when they say they can deliver in that short time, and they do not. I just sets a bad precedent.


Using the word “Marketing technique” will be a better replacement for the word “Manipulation”.


If they were indeed resorting to false advertising then it would reflect in their buyer’s feedback on their public profile.

If people are claiming to be able to deliver in less than 24 hours, maybe they actually are committed to doing it. I’ve hired a gig which says 2 hour timeline and the seller delivered in less than an hour. This was not some gig where he could send a link to something or supply a cookie cutter digital download and mark it as done. It was a complicated server maintenance task which required his physical presence and he delivered as promised. I’ve ordered this gig 5 times and he has delivered in under an hour every time.

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I don’t really see how this is buyer manipulation? Because Fiverr’s system doesn’t measure less than a day there’s a risk the seller won’t meet the deadline as Fiverr can’t penalise them for missing it, but then they’ll get a bad review so…


I was wondering the same thing. How is it the buyer is manipulating when the seller is offering to do it in 2, 5 or 12 hours?

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This is not manipulation…if a buyer want some order in less than 24 hours that seller can deliver it in less than 24 hours …no matter what the minimum per gig setting feature… and i don’t think its against any fiverr terms…they can deliver it at any time within that 24 hours and project can be completed in 2 hours, 5 or 12 …

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I’m guessing you meant the seller can deliver . . .

I’m a buyer and there is no requirement for me to deliver. I normally pay for sellers to deliver.

If you meant something else, please clarify.

yes i am sorry for that confusion…you get it right…i mean if the buyer want some delivery within 2 hours then the seller can provide them…

Does that mean I should wait 24 hours before I deliver the final output?? I mostly get my work done in about 3 hours.

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Not a all, delivering faster before deadline is good but writing less time rather than delivery time…that’s may cause. because if go to gig delivery time set in gig creation or edit. there will nothing any option such kind …delivery time setup in hour base…

buyer will get confuse after buy and it can affect on rating also.

I would say “social engineering”.

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The delivery time in the gig description does not matter, you can have 24 hours in the description and still deliver the work in an hour. It all depends on how fast and efficient you are.
Also if during your conversation with the buyer for a custom order, you agreed to deliver the work in less than 24 hours, you have to deliver in the agreed stipulated time as against the 24 hours minimum time recommended by Fiverr, else you might get a negative review.

You can deliver the work any time before the deadline using the"Deliver now" button.

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