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Buyer marked order complete but wants revision


So i done an order and the buyer said the singing was really great but wanted a revision for the vocals to sound more ‘young’ whatever that means, so i need to do the whole 5 minutes of vocals again. but he marked the order complete and of course im still going to do the revision, although ive been very very busy with a lot of orders that are due in like 3 days and I also have work so its hard trying to get it done asap, now hes complaining and saying he will report me to fiverr even though i said Im going to do the revision it might just take me about a week or so, there not much else I can do especially if you marked the order complete and rated it 5 stars, i keep telling him ill get it to you either this week or next, its the best I can do, but hes just not having it, what should i do?


First of all… revision means changing the minor thing in the order not the whole order. Your buyer had 3 days to check if everything was okay or not… and your buyer marked the order as complete means he/she accepts the order. After that your buyer is not eligible for a revision. Give him the links to the ToS. They cannot ask for the revision after the order was marked as complete. You can charge your buyer for the revision. Otherwise contact CS.
To create a good relationship with your buyer, some seller do the revisions after the order was marked as complete. But it will take your whole week. Just tell the buyer that there is no need to contact CS, i will contact them by myself if you break their ToS by threatening you and using bad behaviour.


ok thanks, ill contact him again and if hes not cooperating ill just contact CS


The buyers are taking advantage of CS.