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Buyer marked the order completed but i receive no rating/reviews

I completed 2 orders for a buyer, he was well satisfied. but he was a new guy here so he marked the delivered order as completed but didnt provide and ratings/reviews. so on my gig i see no stars. will fiver automatically provide ratings for that gig or what will happen?


Reviews are 100% voluntary. Buyers are not required to provide reviews, and Customer Support does not leave reviews. Buyers are the only people who review their order(s).

NOTE: If you fail to deliver a late order, and the buyer cancels that order (because it was late and not delivered), the Fiverr system will leave an automatic 1-star, “this seller did not deliver on time” review.


I delivered well within time. The customer was very well satisfied. what about ratings? is it necessary for a buyer to give ratings to the seller? if it is not then how much rating will appear on my gig? how will other people know that i have done these much orders?

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No, it is not. Buyer reviews are voluntary. Sellers are not entitled to reviews.

They won’t know. And they don’t need to know, if the buyer chooses not to let it be known. These orders are between you and your buyers. If the buyer doesn’t want to leave a review – for whatever reason, then you are not entitled to a review from him/her.

Move on to your next orders. Perhaps you next customers will choose to leave reviews. If not, then move on to the next orders. You’re here on Fiverr to provide work for those who need it. You are not here to get reviews.


But i think there should be some system so that buyers know this person is experienced and have completed these much orders. if the buyer does not choose to give ratings(Because he/she is in hurry or doesnt know how to), then automatic ratings should be given to seller for atleast delivery withing time.

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This would be a terrible idea, and one that could easily be manipulated by sellers who want nothing but positive reviews. Reviews need to be earned. If a buyer chooses not to post a review, then it wasn’t earned.


Ok thank you. i m pretty much satisfied.

Also remember that you must not ask your buyer to leave reviews. That’s another way to receive an account warning, along with completing academic work.


it isnt academic work. i have replied you on my other post. and yeah i got it that it is not necessary to ask for reviews. thanks :slight_smile:

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I have explained and i dont see why acting so tough to someone new here.

Hi, I am a new seller. Just in case you are facing same situation as mine, I also thought I didn’t get a review from a buyer but whats happening was that you should go to the order that was just completed, go to the end and give a review to TO THE BUYER.

You can only see BUYER’s review on your gig if you either give a review to the buyer OR wait 10 days , after that, any review (if given) will become visible automatically.

But just like others said, that too will only work if the BUYER has given any review at all.
In my case, I didn’t know about this, went to the completed order after 9 days and saw that. When I gave a review to the buyer, I also received message that “the buyer has given you a review”


It’s about morals and maintaining a trustworthy Fiverr community.

Fact. It’s against Fiverr’s terms of service to offer assignment writing. Your are openly breaching the TOS.

Therefore you are likely to receive an account warning or be suspended.


Thank you so much, i didnt knew this, i hope this works

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No one is being tough with you. You are being advised not to offer academic services, because it will grant you a warning.

Over and over you say:

But this was copied from one of your gigs (bold added by me)…

You can give us all the explanations you want. To be honest, that’s really none of our business. But one thing I can tell you: You’ll get a warning, once Fiverr finds out or someone reports your gig. Explanations won’t help you, no matter how hard you try.

The word “assignment” is all over the place, and the “100% Marks” just doesn’t make it look any better…


No they won’t
There will be no review for that order it will not count as one of your reviews.

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