Buyer marking ordering complete - no review?


Over the past 2 days, I have received 2 notifications of buyers marking their orders - I just handed in - as complete, but not leaving any type of review or rating.

Can buyers mark orders complete an not rate? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: is it a glitch?

Anyone know?

Thanks in advance!!



Thats not a glitch. It happened to me and I have from a lot sellers happening same with them. You can send a message to your buyer for leaving a review. I requested one and guess what he left me a tip as well :smiley:


Awesome rauf! Thanks for the response.

I just didn’t realize there was an option to simply mark the order complete - without any type of rating :slight_smile:


So even after they mark an order complete, they can still leave a review later?


Right! That’s what I am wondering?


Yes. This happened yesterday. Received message buyer marked complete… 30 mins later, buyer left 5.0 star review.


So, I wonder what the wording is for that option?

I haven’t seen how to simply mark an order complete without a review, whenever I have purchased. Minamally you have to give a star rating for it to be marked complete - at least that’s how it use to be.

Hmmmmmm :no_mouth:


The exact same thing is happening to me the last few hours. I got 2 notifications saying my buyers marked my orders as completed (orders I delivered a few hours ago). But I can’t see any review or stars. Nothing at all :confused: Byers told me they wrote a review!


Yes…I think I read somewhere that the buyer can leave a review 30 days after it is marked complete!


Thats even tricky… not leaving a review and later if a buyer needs revisions . He can black mail and ask us to make revisions. Even if we don’t want to make revisions for free. That happened to me on PPH. Eventually I got a negative review there… JustBeReadyForThat. I am seeing that coming. I wish a bad buyer is not reading my comment. :slight_smile:


Hmmmmmmmm, maybe there’s a bug?


Ok I will prepare myself for that.


Okay so I am positive there’s a bug… my last 3 orders = no review.

Is anyone getting normal reviews?


I believe buyers can manually close the orders without being “forced” to leave a review now. Nothing exceptional about this.


This happened to me right now and am wondering where the problem is


No, you’re right… it’s nothing exceptional, but it IS a new thing.
I never have had that option in 7 years of being on here.
The only way was to leave a review, and or the order to auto-complete after three days.


@socialhonor is right. This is the first time this “thing” is happening the last 4-5 years I am a fiverr seller. Bug or not, it is definately new and if you ask me I don’t really like it.


I just got a review but they are definitely down in number in the past few days.


YAY! At least you got one lol… me, not yet!:no_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Same here. I think it is a bug