Buyer may not be contacted at this time


I got a message from a buyer who wants to communicate, but now when I am replying him.
This is what I get “may not be contacted at this time.”
Message doesn’t go to the buyer nor I can send gig offer.

Anybody having such issue?


yea… I received at least 3 such messages within last month. My response rating is going down because of this!


I am sorry to hear that. I wanted to say Happy Fiverr anniversary! :cherry_blossom::tulip::sunflower:


i have no such issue at this moment…


Thanks for telling us, mate.


welcome …mate


Welcome to you too. Loving your valuable contributions.


I’ve seen this happen when they send out bulk messages and the system flags it as spam and blocks the user before you have a chance to respond. I think if you report as spam as well it might not affect your response rate.


Dunno, it happens only twice with 2 buyers.
One was already in conversation and second was when my Buyer Contact me about some work and I couldn’t send him offer or any reply.

Still the same for new buyer. Sucks!

Thanks for the good luck and wishes! Hoping to have a good year ahead, wish you all same…