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Buyer mentality

Pays 80 dollars for fake Nike Shoes,
Buyer be like:
feels like Travis Scott and Cristiano Ronaldo for his Investment

Comes to Fiverr to interact with a real person selling a custom creative service requiring personal work and working hours
Buyer be like:

(lets just lol together)


I believe that’s an image issue that already comes with the name of this plattform.

I remember reading about a store that sold cheap shoes, the ads were targeted towards an audience that was interested in cheap shoes. Then they changed the whole design of the store and put ridiculously high price tags on the cheap shoes and reopened the store.
They noticed that a lot more wealthy looking buyers came to the store at the day of reopening and bought the ridiculously overpriced shoes. When asked how they experienced the whole situation, most of the shoppers said they felt like the price was warranted because of the exceptional quality of the (actually cheaply made) shoes.

On fiverr, a cheap service is associated with cheap quality, which is why they tried / are still trying to encourage sellers to offer higher prices to change the image of the site alltogether, but a fiver( r ) is a fiver in the end.


thats a common behavior in my humble opinion, people tend to enjoy buy expensive stuff they dont need but when they come across a street seller making money for his poor family they bargain to buy groceries or products from 4-5 dollars to 2 dollars and feel proud for the achievement …

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That’s true! But I think that generally depends on whether what you buy is a basic need’s good or a luxury good. Most people won’t dare to negotiate prices of a luxury good because they feel proud that they are able to afford it.

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It really depends on what you’re selling and who buys it and for what purpose. And also on how big your competition is. If all of those things are competitive you are going to attract people who aim to exploit. They do that because they know they’ll find sellers who comply.

I’ve very seldom had this issue because my gigs are geared to professionals who know what they’re doing and understand value in business and my gigs offer something different, something only someone who understands value would find and want.

:sweat_smile: Let him go.