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Buyer message me every single day

Hello! Looking for someone that have experienced a similar situation…
So I have a particular situation here. I have a client that booked me for a 30 minutes Facebook Consultation meeting. Previous to our meeting, 4-5 days before he started sending me MULTIPLE messages EVERYDAY. Saying he is stressed about the meeting, I can see that he has a little budget so I can understand that he is stressed about the campaign he is going to launch after our 30 minutes meeting.
I assure him, then we go to our meeting. Everything is fine.
Then, he want to booked another meeting one week later. But during those 7 days previous to our meeting he sent me messages EVERYDAY.
After every message I made myself pretty clear finishing every message like : Talk to you next week! or Have a great week, to to you during our meeting the next week!

But even then… he kept sending messages about his concerns… Thing is I deactivated my cellphone notifications because it was just really annoying… He pays for our 30 minutes meeting, I don’t like the fact that he send that many messages!

Here are some examples:

After our first meeting (All those messages in 2 days! And it hasn’t stop!) :
Him: “I dont mean to annoy you. I am doing in depth studies now on facebook. By our first meeting your aware that my facebook skills are beginner standards in navigating business page. So be patient please on our next meeting. My skills are very low in analyzing”

Me: “Hello! Yes of course. See you next week.”

Him: “Hi Angie We need to focus on getting LIKES an shares in the USA. With this image. A video is coming next 2 weeks. Between 2000 higher the better. Please. Please. Add your skills to my reading theory only.”

Me: “Hello, your campaign is traffic, so the goal is traffic to your website. This is not en engagement campaign for getting likes and shares. Talk to you next week”

Him: " Hi. Great news. Someone has liked my page. Please be patient. Many questions I need to ask you. Maurizio"

Him again: “Are the other 2 image ads supposed to be promoted at same time as the present.”

Me: “Your document used the other 2 images for other campaigns with different audiences. Better keep it that way because of your budget but change it after the first week completed. Talk to you during our next meeting, thank you.”

Then he ask me If I can delete all his friends and family from his personal Facebook? (I’m sorry whatttt!!!) I do Facebook Ads, why are you asking me this!

Then I answer: " I set up Facebook Ads Manager account ONLY. Sorry I don’t touch personnal Facebook accounts. I do advertising ONLY. I do PAID advertising ONLY on Facebook Manager Plateform. Have a good weekend, talk to you during our meeting next week. Thank you."

Then Him again : “GOT A BIG HEADACHE reading all this facebook ad stuff. All new to me.”
Him again: “PLEASE NOTE. FOR OUR NEXT MEETING as I lose focus. Target. UK, spain, italy. ad 1 $5.00. USA an Canada. ad 2. $10.00. For 7 days. Is there a technique to run adds for 24 hours. STOP them. An then redirect the cpc to a more profitable direction. I will be back next thursday but I am organizeing the WEBSITE as an IMPULSE WEBSITE. Focus more with an offer an also. SETUP alike an comment engagement method. Check this out. The video.
Hi, My knowledge is very basic. Could you please export the facebook add we did the last 7 days info for me please. I am preparing for our next meeting”

Me: “Hi, I just sent you the recordings of our two last meeting to your email. Have a great end of the week!”

Him: “Hi, PLEASE BE PATIENT IF TOO MANY EMAILS. I am watching the training videos.”

And it continues…

Please! Has someone experienced something like this? This client is so different on camera, he seems so calm! But then after our paid meeting he spam me with this tons of messages!

I was thinking about blocking him… Because I simply don’t want to continue with him as a client, he is just TOO MUCH! And I don’t think I have the courage of telling him that his multiple messages a day really bother me… Any advise? I don’t have any active order with him right now.

Thank you!


Sounds to me like a very anxious newbie who is just starting out. Be patient and kind with him


Personal opinion: Stick it out until the next meeting. Do not schedule a new one. State that you are starting to feel you are not the best Seller for them and suggest they start looking for a new Seller. After meeting, block.


You have to tell it to him straight that he’s being really pressing and that you can’t afford to answer his motherload of questions through the chat. It’s up to your discretion how much you want to sugarcoat it.

Since he’s a good person/buyer who has an unmanageable anxiety problem (I mean, he made you deactivate notifications? That’s really bad), try to assure him that each of his insecurities will be addressed in the call ONLY, and never through the chat. If he keeps on doing it, then I’d block him, I’m sorry and all but you can’t let a buyer be this debilitating.


Thank everyone, it really helped writing this situation and having your opinions. Yes, I will write him tomorrow and tell him politely that please keep all of his concerns and questions to our next meeting. And depending of his reaction I will decide if I continue with him or not as a client

Thank you! My thoughts are clearer now :slight_smile:


You can always toss up the paywall if he doesn’t get the hint. When he starts sending messages again, suggest that he write down his questions in an orderly fashion to cover the most important ones (might want to suggest “2 or 3 maximum, given we have limited time together”) when your meeting is going on. Explain that the package he’s purchased does not cover consultation or messaging outside of the meeting time but that he can add on that service for an additional ($High Amount) if he would like to.

I’ve gotten plenty of clients like that and the only thing that seems to get through to them is money. It’s possible to be gentle but firm when delivering the “bad news” this way, too.


That’s exactly what I was going to propose too.

I also would’ve wrote first for him to prepare a list of questions (in any format that is comfortable for you) in one place in one document to make sure that you have everything in order and you don’t spend extra time on a call going over all the messages.
And again that you will address those questions on your next meeting consultation as messaging consultations are not covered in his gig.


@angieperez2601 Your client has multiple questions before your next meeting. So I suggest you arrange a paid meeting with them before your scheduled meeting to answer all their queries professionally. Do not ignore your client’s needs. Give a solution to your client. When you will do this then you will earn more profit by reducing client’s depressions. So be a psychologist in your field. :laughing: :laughing:


Good idea.

If you decide you don’t want to block him, you can politely tell him that you do this for a living, and that you’re not offering free consultations via chat, only the meetings that he books with you.

Another thing to do would be to ask him for a list of his questions so you could send him a custom offer where you’ll deliver the answers in writing. Another question, another custom offer.


Yes its true, it happens with me from last two years but what i achieve is level two just because of my patience with my clients.
Your communication make you champion :trophy:.
Buyer also picked those who have much time and interest in their project.


Update! I replied to my client’s messages and made it clear that if he has any questions, concerns, ideas, please write them down on a piece of paper so we can discuss everything during our paid meeting and NOT through the chat. I friendly reminded him that Facebook consultations go through the meeting ONLY and not via chat as it was right now.

Also I updated my Gig description, I specified :
PLEASE NOTE: Any concerns & questions you may have will be addressed during our meeting ONLY not through the chat. I do not do FREE consultations via chat.

And on the FAQ section:
"Do you answer questions or concerns I may have after our meeting?
If you have any questions after our meeting on a topic we’ve been discussing, I’ll be more than happy to help. If you have any other questions you will need to book another consultation. I do not do FREE consultations via chat. We can set a budget for chatting if that’s what you need.

I hope this will help for my future consultations!
Thank you everyone for your advice! :slight_smile:


Fantastic response! Half the trick to doing well here is navigating these murky situations - you don’t want to make anyone feel bad, that’s human nature, but some folks don’t even realize they’re acting poorly until you confirm your boundaries. I’ve noticed this is a familiar clash when my clients are not American - the work attitudes are very different in other countries, and in some cases I am a female service provider operating in a space that would otherwise be dominated by men in my clients’ countries, with the requisite abrupt language and rough treatment. I try to remember that, while their actions/words may feel rude, pushy, etc. we are both potentially “new to this” and I try to be as understanding as I can.

For example, in some cultures, just paying the requested amount is as alien a concept as it would be to an American trying to get the “best price” at the checkout lane in Walmart - here, negotiating is limited to extremely casual situations like yard sales and flea markets, we’d usually be embarrassed at the idea of doing it at a chain store or supermarket. For some of my international peers, haggling is sort of built in to their attitudes about business, and may even be a point of pride when successfully executed. That haggling can take the form of disagreements on price, or - as you’ve experienced here - trying to get the proverbial “blood from a stone” until boundaries are drawn.


They have “fixed price” stores, though (or at least some of them do), so they know that there are places where one shouldn’t haggle.


I’m not saying the concept is totally alien, just that depending on how/where they do business, haggling may feel more natural than not. Honestly, I’m with you - I tend to think they should know better and respect our price points, but I find reflexively pushing benefit of the doubt keeps me from sounding like a snippy you-know-what when I’m navigating messages with these “clients.” Sometimes it’s hard to behave haha :wink:


I’m glad I read the thread all the way through! Well done.

I just wanted to add that there is no harm in being politely forceful with buyers like yours. However unless the rules are clear to start with (you’ve amended your gig wording so they will be from now on), then you’ve also got to give the buyer some wiggle room.