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Buyer Message :(

The buyer thumps me in the message however, when I offer them to the response they are not answered. Following 2 or after 3 days they answered once more. They guided me to make an offer when I am making a request they again disappear. What’s the arrangement? Holding up is a truly horrible thing. For what reason accomplishes this thing occur?

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I understand your frustration with spotty buyers. My advice is to ignore it. Reply to everything as fast as you can, and don’t worry about the rest. About 75% of the buyers who message me ghost me right after (usually, it’s because they consider me too expensive). Others already found someone else (and are too rude to let you know) or just aren’t on the platform the way sellers are (/should be).

tl;dr Don’t worry about it. It’s not conducive to productivity.


Thanks for your support but sometimes it’s so pathetic . @graphtersawyer