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Buyer messaging me in OoO mode

Anyone got a clue how to respond to a buyer who’s in Out of Office mode? They’re also a seller, but I can’t message them back due to their OoO mode.


Hello, Ducky, :duck:

I got a message like that a week or so back. CS said there was nothing I could do until they got back from OOO.

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Yeesh, kinda what I thought. Oh well, they’ve kinda been off and on with communication regardless.


I think OoO needs to be updated/evaluated, in my opinion, the current OoO system is difficult for contributors, especially if the customer does not notice that in the beginning. And the could trigger contributors to make somethings inappropriate

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Bad idea. Contact outside of Fiverr is against ToS.

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Is this new? I’ve always been able to receive messages while in OoO mode.

It appears so. I just plain out cannot mesage them.

I could not reply to an OOO person just last week either.

I’m hoping that’s because they’ve unticked the “allow new buyers/sellers to contact me” box. I did check last time I was OoO if I was still appearing in searches and I wasn’t. That wasn’t always the case. I need to use OoO often. A delivery time extension is probably the best way to go from now on.

Yeah, the issue is they started messaging me in this mode…

I hope this doesn’t b*gger up response rate for people.


CS told me it would not mess with our response rate.


Seems like I faced something like this today!!!

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