Buyer might not be a man: beware!


Hi! I’m a first time buyer and I just started getting offers. I didn’t put much info on my profile and many of the sellers are calling me “sir”. I’m a woman. Having sellers assume I’m a man makes me less likely to want to work with them because they might be sexist and not take me seriously. So if you are a seller, be careful not to do this.


Thanks for your suggestion :wink:


You could put a picture of something feminine in your profile picture since that image appears more male than female. I agree that to routinely call everyone sir is sexist.


Yes, I realize I could have prevented it by making it clear that I’m a
woman. I’m not tremendously offended, just thought it might be helpful for
some sellers to know they should watch out for this.

I actually would like to hire a woman, all other things being equal, but
I’ve only received an offer from one so far and she didn’t seem to be the
best qualified.


Even this might be a deception. Many sellers, especially from the East, put a pretty girl’s pictures to attract buyers. Sometimes they even don’t bother to find some less common picture and using popular celebrities or stealing pics from Twitter.


I can see where the OP is coming from with being called Sir when she’s female. The obvious solution is for sellers to use gender neutral language to all buyers.

To be honest though, I really can’t see in this day and age how it can possibly matter whether the buyer or seller is male or female.

The days of male and female jobs IRL have long since gone (or most of them anyway) and it certainly shouldn’t matter on Fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face:


Funny, you were worried that someone might be sexist, and yet the sexist turns out to be you! If anyone needs me, I’ll be on the floor rolling and laughing.


She could be a he.

I’ve been on 5r long enough to pick out a stock photo from across the globe. Reverse google search to see what you get. Put your mouse over the picture, right click, “Search Google for Image” and see what you get.


Yeah, I have to agree with that.


I saw that as being supportive of one’s own kind.
I think I heard the Boy Scouts are going to allow girls now, on a side note.
I think things like all women colleges are a huge benefit for women, having gone to one.
There should be times when genders can be supported.

Sellers calling everyone sir does have the implication that they assume all buyers must be male.


That would be called a Feminist.



Thank you, I knew that a woman wanting to be supportive of other working women was ok.
The motive is what makes it ok.


You completely misread his post :smile: Or maybe I did. :neutral_face:


He might have meant it tongue-in-cheek but he is completely correct.
It’s women supporting women in the workplace, rather than being sexist. The term feminist is the correct term in this case.


If women supporting or favoring women in the workplace is okay, then men supporting or favoring men in the workplace should also be okay.


Well men don’t really need to do that since they have traditionally done that, and in all areas of employment.
It wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary since that’s how it’s always been and continues to be even up to this day. Look at our lopsided Senate and House of Representatives as one prime example.


Really, I don’t care if a client is male or female as long as I get paid, and my clients don’t care if I am male or female as long as I get their job done well. I don’t like this talk of anyone favoring anyone on the basis of identity, gender, nationality or whatever. Just as discriminating against someone on the basis of gender, religion, nationality, race is wrong, favoring someone on that basis is also wrong. That’s it, I’m outta here, lots of work to be done today.


No that is called discrimination. Simply replace the word woman with white for example. If you really believe that people have a worth beyond their identity politics then you have to reject the idea of saying, I should be hired based on my skills, but when I hire, it’s my kind only. Really veiled excuse for furthering discrimination.


Sorry about that, there is still more seller that understand this better on Fiverr, I don’t send BR with sir/ma because I don’t know the gender behind the computer.


Your name has “Nadine” in it, so I would assume that you are female.
However, if there is only a username I call the other party with that. I never call anybody, Sir.
Only in certain real life situations. For example if I approach a NYPD officer or something like that.