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Buyer misbehaving

Hello everyone, so i have a gig where i make quotes on plain background, 2 weeks earlier got an order for 200 skincare quote which i made and delivered,but as per buyer it had some grammatical mistakes and she wanted revision, but she is not ready to give me the details of the revision as she says she is too busy to give the details and wanted whole new set of 200 quotes as a revision. I denied and asked for the details which she said will give when she will get time. I waited for 1 week but she was offline and never responded to my messages so i re-delivered the order again and the order gets marked as completed in 3 days. Right then she came back and asked for the revision, i didn’t denied i said i will give you the revision just give me the changes. But that also is not ok to her, she says she want whole new set of 200 quotes to be made and redeliver because she don’t have the time to pick out the mistakes and resend them to me. and now she is misbehaving by saying “you charge more” " i don’t understand your gig service, which buyer provides 200-600 quotes ???" " you should do it all on your own…"
What should i do here, i am getting frustrated. please anyone who can help?

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This is ridiculous. I had encountered unresponsive buyers before but i never had experienced such attitude before. If she’s not willing to be responsive and collaborative, then tell her that’s all you got to offer for her and that’s what both of you agreed on in the first place, isn’t it? These type of buyers are hard to deal with. I would suggest getting the CS involved.

Looking at your gig, that’s probably the main issue here. Offering to design 200 quotes for $5, you’re probably attracting the worst buyers to work with. The ones who think the world revolves around them & the “i’m right, you’re always wrong” type of buyers.


thanks for the help buddy. will see what i can do here

Did you supply the quotes or did the buyer send you the quotes?

If the buyer supplied them then it’s their own fault and they should pay for changes.
If you supplied the quotes then I think I would be annoyed if I had to go through every quote to check for mistakes, mark them, write the change to be made etc. They buyer would end up spending more time on the order than you would!

Also - your gig title says “I will make 600 custom quotes for $5” but then on the order page it is only 200 for $5.
That’s against the rules and you should change it quickly before you get in trouble.


I supplied her the quotes following the search term she gave me for google.

How to do that? i don’t have any idea. please can you guide?

So now you want her to proofread the quotes you supplied? Do you see how unfair that is? They paid extra for you to supply quotes but the quotes you supplied have errors.
200 quotes with average 10 words per quote would be around 2000 words - I charge $20 for proofreading that but you expect your client to accept it?

Sorry, but in this situation I think the buyer is right


nothing to say @patilandpatil

i looked at her insta account she has already started posting the quotes i delivered.

My apology,

I might have judged the situation based on what you wrote but Eoin’s question actually made the situation much more clear now.

You can contact Fiverr’s CS through the help center or through their Email Address: “”. However, based on your previous response, perhaps you should think about how you could compensate the buyer since she paid for a service which she did not receive as per described.


That could be a sign that they are lying about the quality but it could also be a sign that they need the work done and are using some that have no or few mistakes.

Have they given you any examples of mistakes? Have you checked to see if there are any mistakes?

I can’t speak really specifically about this order but in general, if you are offering to supply quotes you need to make sure they are correct English. You also need to change your title or pricing because that’s a bit problem.