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Buyer miss the delivery

It happened 2 times that my buyers missed the delivery and ask me for the high resolution file by message. The first time I was new in the platform and I sent the work by message but I don’t think this is fine for me. What I have to do?
and if I don’t hear from buyer anymore, can I use the artwork in other way since that he didn’t download?

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Once you deliver, the content or file belongs to the buyer (as long as they finalized payment). You can’t do anything with it. If the buyer somehow doesn’t see your delivery, you can tell them you delivered, point out the file, and hit “Deliver Again” on the order page.

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the problem is that the buyer asked to me to deliver the file again by message few days after the delivery, when the order was marked as completed. because he didn’t download the file from the order…I can’t send it again from the order page…

and another buyer didn’t download and I didn’t hear from him anymore…in this case can I use the work I’ve done? If he didn’t download I think I can use for my purpose…

Did you get paid for it? Then you don’t own it anymore. If the order was cancelled, you still can use it for yourself.

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