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Buyer missclicked. How to change feedback?

Hello guys! A buyer ordered a gig for me. A 10$ gig. I normally don’t provide revisions for the 10$ gig, but I did 2 free revisions for him, so that he can be happy with the order. He told me that he will order right away again and that he is more than happy with my service. What happened next is, I got 4.5 stars review. He left 4 stars on “Service as described” section. I asked him if he was completely happy with the order, to which he replied with a yes. I asked him how can I upgrade my service, so that he is more satisfied next time, to which he responded that he pressed 4 stars by accident and that he would like to change the feedback. What can I do in this situation? Can he change it? Should I contact CS?

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Unfortunately, Fiverr has made it impossible for reviews to be changed, even if they were posted by mistake.

Even so much as asking your buyer about it or the buyer/you contacting Fiverr’s customer support about it can get you a ToS violation warning or account suspension. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t risk it, and just let it go. Also a 4.5 rating ain’t bad either (even though it was a mistake).


If you type “changing feedback” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


You are now in danger of getting a warning for mentioning the review to the buyer. Never do this for any reason or your account could be banned.

Especially do not message customer support about it. The 4 star review is not a bad review.


When I deliver a draft design to a buyer, I used to write a note like this… “Here is the draft of your design, please review this and let me know if it is ok or needs any modification.” But now I am too scared of the Fiverr bot to write this note any more because of the word “review”. Life has been more difficult these days. :sunglasses:


One can’t be too careful.