Buyer mistakenly asks for the wrong thing,, then wants a refund when I deliver what he asked for


Just another rant thread…

I have a gig that says “I will do X for 5 dollars”

(But I can also do Y, and indeed have a separate gig for Y)

Buyer orders $30 worth of goods from gig X and says in his message "Please do Y for me"

I do Y for him

Buyer gets mad. He says "But your gig title says you’ll do X… I can’t use this. Please give me a refund"

Buyer refuses to admit accountability for his mistake.

I spent probably 20 mins working on the gig for him. Raging right now.

Rant over. Anyone here have any experience with obnoxious buyers like this?


Did you point him back to where he clearly asked for “Y?” I’m assuming you did but just wondering. I can’t imagine that CS won’t back you up if he leaves a negative review in the vein of “wasn’t what I paid for,” when you can show them that it clearly was…

I must have had an experience like this when I was still fairly new (and have now blocked it out), because now when someone orders the “wrong” gig (just like in your situation, orders one gig but asks for the services provided in a different gig), I usually just send them a message to double-confirm we’re on the same page. Now that I’ve suspended my creative ghostwriting and editing gigs it doesn’t happen that often.


I did yeah. Wasn’t willing to risk it though (CS being how it is) and decided to cut my losses and cancel the order. Sent him a screenshot of his original message and everything. But the most frustrating part is that the buyer wouldn’t even apologize for his mistake and instead told me I should work on my customer service skills. Some of these buyers simply can’t admit the fact that they are sometimes wrong about things, and that THEY are sometimes the cause of confusion / miscommunication, even in clear-cut (IMO) cases like this. People who are ‘never-wrong’ just really get my back up in general


Did he receive final deliverable’s by any chance? Just curious? Some of these buyers work the Fiverr system for FREE Gigs and services and need to be STOPPED!!!


This happened to me, early on. A buyer had received permission from his business customer to publish a “testimonial.” So he hired me to write the testimonial as if I were the customer. Once he got it, he said “This is great but my customer is not this articulate” (I had tried to make it sound very average-Joe, nothing fancy) "so I don’t think this will work. Please just write me an article about how great my company is instead. I said Well no, I delivered exactly what you asked for, so you should pay me and then if you want to order something else, fine. He said he was not happy but I did not back down, so he paid me and gave me an imperfect rating, stating that he would not recommend me or hire me again. Brought my rating down from 100% to 98%. Funny thing, he has hired me again, multiple times, and always raves about how super super awesome I am. Buyers!!!


I would report it to Customer Service. I would also do a mutual cancellation next time if an order comes in that way. Sounds like maybe they were trying to scam you from the getgo.

And $30 for 20 minutes is not that big of a loss in terms of time frame, it’s not like you spent 2 days on it or something.


I’ve had a couple mistaken orders in the past, and I’ve always opted for mutual cancellation. Odds are if they aren’t bright enough to order from the right gig, they won’t be satisfied anyway.


Reply to @geniusbranding:

I agree that this happens a lot and you can sort of now tell who will do it. The problem is you’ve delivered it and there is no way of taking it back. That’s the risk of the middle-man system.


Reply to @sincere18: Except that he lost the 20 minutes and the $30 while the client got the deliverable. They have already downloaded it and are using it, while you’re out of luck.


Reply to @infinityplusone: well, yes, that’s true, but things like this happen in business from time to time, better to have a 20 minute/$30 loss than a 2 day/$200 loss.


Reply to @sincere18: Not in my business. I have a contract, they pay a non-refundable deposit. That’s how you protect yourself, your brand, and protect your content. It is theft, plain and simple, to receive someone’s work, refuse to pay, and then shift the words a bit and use it. I do “hear” you but I get really angry with this considering how little money people pay for work here anyway.