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Buyer mistakenly order!

I have received an order for bookkeeping services. Later, client informed me that she was thought about bookkeeping logo services. What should i do? I cant be easy to cancel the order as i am new at fiverr and heard that cancellation of order will leads to go down your rank and might be you can get more orders.

What should i do ???


Well, unfortunately, if you don’t provide the services that the buyer seems to have thought they were ordering, you have two choices: Work out, with the buyer, completion of the order according to the services you DO offer… or… cancel the order.

If you choose to cancel the order, yes, your cancellation rating will take a hit. On the other hand, if you work the situation out with the buyer, and find a service resolution, then you don’t have to cancel the order, and the buyer receives work from you that they can use.

It can be a tough situation to be in, especially for new sellers, however, ultimately, you’re going to have to make a decision, and there are always benefits and consequences to every decision you make. Look for the advantage, and make the best of the consequences.


hi, just contact fiverr CS & explain your issue. thanks…

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Everyday mistaken orders are coming before, do not contact the CS they will cancel the order and your ratings will be gone.

Best would be to approach a logo designer and ask him to design a logo as per the client request and deliver to your client.


I do that and complete the order. Thanks for your advice!!

I have advice to fiverr that Honorable buyer and seller if they are agree the order cancel as mutually, I think fiverr can stop bad ranking effect in seller account. Because some buyer do order without communication and after they send cancel request. At this stage, I do not see the fault of seller. What is your opinion?

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