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Buyer mistakenly placed an order

Hi, one of my buyers mistakenly placed and order and wishes to cancel. Does this affect my gig? And if it does is there a way to rectify it ?


Yes it will if you initiate the cancel. Best thing would be is to contact customer support team and cancel it through support team. That will save your order completions percentage.


Yes it will affect you if you cancel it. In a sense that your completion rate will go lower due to a cancellation. I’ve read around the forum that you can ask CS to assist you so it won’t affect your rating. You just have to mention the situation such as the buyer mistakenly making the order.


Wow Great thanks to you @kamran1400aw

Call me a cynic, but I don’t believe that people ‘mistakenly’ place an order.

They deliberately place and order and then have a change of mind. There is a difference.


Contact customer support and tell them the situation that you are facing hopefully they will cancel the order from their end and it will not reduce your completion rate. I have already solved that type of situation by contacting to customer support. Thanks.

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i agree with @english_voice on this one. It’s not all that easy to “order by mistake,” especially if you have requirements that the buyer must fulfill to place the order. It is more likely they started the order and then found someone cheaper and now they want to cancel the order.

You can contact customer service and explain the situation, but even if CS cancels the order for you your account can still take a hit for it. I’ve had that happen even when I provided proof that the buyer was using my content.

It might be more to your benefit to try and get the buyer to keep the order since they have already paid. If they say they ordered by mistake, ask if you can provide them with another service. Offer another one of your gigs in its place. Try to salvage the order before cancelling it because it will affect you for 2 months. For some of the newer sellers who don’t have many orders, that could affect your ability to make sales and you could lose your level if any of your stats drop below 90%

If you talk to the customer support team, Then they will check the conversation between the buyer of you, Looking at the conversation, if support team thinks that the order that came to you by mistake from buyer, Then the support team will help you so that there is no bad effect on your order completion rate… This is my idea. Thank you!

Thanks I accepted to cancel and was surprised it didn’t affect my stats. Maybe because he hadn’t placed the requirements yet so it didn’t count as a full order.

I have 2 orders like this. Some buyer just test the website and they never really need any services and end up creating trouble for the seller. Best practice is to talk to support team and solve that matter via them.

Thanks I accepted to cancel and was surprised it didn’t affect my stats. Maybe because he hadn’t placed the requirements.
Maybe if he did or I clicked the button that says I’ve received all requirements it would then have affected my stats.

In his case I believe it was an error, we’ve been working together for sometime now and maybe he clicked one of the custom orders I sent earlier

I was a buyer and I cancelled two orders a few week ago, my impression dropped obviously for 2 weeks after that. It could be a coincidence (algorithm / rotation)… still I think it will make sense to sell on a business account and buy on a personal account.