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Buyer mistakenly placed the order

Today a buyer mistakenly ordered my GIG. Now if I cancel it, then my Order Completion Rate will be affected. I have also contacted fiverr support but they got angry on me. They said that either I have to cancel it and let destroy my Order Completion Rate for buyer’s mistake or I have to do the work and deliver it in the order. I asked them that the buyer does not need any work, he placed the order by mistake but fiverr support was not listening anything. Is it fair ? Why would I destroy my Order Completion Rate for buyer’s mistake ?


That’s completely unfair, I agree. But just so you know, good news is that they are working on it, I read somewhere on the forum that in the future, orders by mistake, PayPal cancellations/chargebacks and all cancellations that are not affected by sellers will not affect completion rate.


Found it! - More info here

From Fiverr - In Future, Certain Order Cancellations Will Not be Reflected in Level Requirements


Thats great news. They really have to solve this issue. I have lost my badge due to buyer’s mistakenly placed order.

Indeed. I had 3 PayPal chargebacks in the last month which have brought down my completion rate from 100% to 98%, but none of that was my fault. Buyers came with specific requirements, got quality and speedy delivery and “ran” without saying a word. Their accounts were closed. But what I noticed that those accs were all NEW, from June 2018, so be careful from new accs and big orders from them.

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Thank you Sir for providing me such valuable information. I will first check the profile of the buyer then I will proceed with the order. But again if he buys my gig then I have to do whatever he wants me to. Does mutual cancelation also effect seller’s analytics ?

Yes, it does. But you can be more careful if they ask for a custom order. You can recognize them if they are asking for a huge discount just to “try your work” or just saying that they will work with you a long time if you are successful. And then you look at the name - it says, for example “buyerr12345” from June 2018, totally not genuine. It can also be a good buyer, so just be cautious and look for these “red flags”


Have you ever been a ‘buyer’ here? If yes, you’d know that there’s no way to place an order by ‘mistake’

This can happen for a fact, but in certain conditions. If you are browsing Fiverr Gigs from a touchscreen tablet or computer and have some available balance for purchase, you can mistakenly tap with a swipe on that big green “order now” button on the Gig page. Order requirements will be incomplete, but the order will start as far as I know. He does not ask if you are sure, but just proceeds to order requirements.


Sir I understand you. I am not saying that every buyer place order by mistake but some does. This is happening to me for the 2nd time. Some buyers does not read GIG’s description may be in hurry and place the order.

When you click the order button, on purpose or mistakingly, you’re not charged yet. You’d be taken to another page where you’d see what service you’d be getting and what you’d be charged, and again you’d have to click to confirm the purchase.

How many of such mistakes can a buyer make?

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ahah hahahaha haahahahah

I was thinking that it was only with me.
But every seller has same story.

I have sent many messages to support, and now the customer support is also closed, you can only see your old support ticket, you can not add new ticket . There is new section I m ccd on , nothing works

Its not only the " Order Completion Rate " But a few days back, Fiverr Support cancel my Active order and make refund to buyer. Even without my concern and I was working on that order, And all work wasted, More over the sky fall on me when I see that I also get a Warning of Violating Fiverr Terms and got a Warning message on Fiverr screen. And the worst thing I am demoted to Level 1. And Also got warning that if happenes again my account will be closed

AND after happening all these things I have no right to ask even a single question. Even I do not know whats wrong happened there, why Fvier take this decisions.

Fiverr is Just Buyer Centric
Buyers are Boss and Sellers are Slave here


I received a warning for sending my WhatsApp number to a buyer who was unable to discuss the project through chat. There is no calling feature in fiverr so what should a seller do when the project needs to be discussed on call ? Everything cannot be discussed through text messages.

From Fiverr TOS:

To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.

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Yes Sir!

We understand you sir!

But this is Fiverr, Fiverr creates the rules, you agreed to abide by them.

You should not be surprised when you are warned for violating a rule you agreed to abide by.

Yes it is against the tos, you can clearly see it there.

And fiverr don’t have call feature and you can’t communicate outside of fiverr like it is clearly saying in Fiverr tos.

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Anytime :slight_smile: . I am glad that I could “help” people who don’t want to follow TOS. It is there for a reason.

Just as was mentioned before when you asked about this, outside communication is not allowed.

You need to modify your practices to work within Fiverr’s ToS. If you can’t then tough I’m afraid - you’ll keep getting warnings.

Yes- buyers make purchases by mistake. Yes, we get demoted for it. Yes, it’s not fair.

Please stop calling all users ‘Sir’ - we’re not all male.


If you really know TOS you wouldn’t be doing that


You seem to know it all.

I’m still wondering why exactly you’re here seeking help.