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Buyer mistakenly Reports me

Hello everyone ! how is fiverr going for you ! :grinning:
Today a buyer Mistakenly Reported me , he didnt open the sketchup files i sent him and instantly reported me thinking i scammed him ( he left for 3 days before coming and finding his order automaticly acepted ).

I explained to him that i sent him everything he asked for and was waiting for his feedback. After opening the file and to his surprise of course ! he appoligized and told me he was sorry and that i did a good job !!!

I got striked by fiverrs TOS 30 minutes agoo ?!!! i haven’t done anything to deserve this ! i already contacted the support team. What do you think i should do guys ? is there a solution?


Hi there… did you happen to ask the buyer to remove his review… or asking why did he left a review in case he left one ? … I checked your profile and I see that you have a negative review that was left a few hours ago… it seem that we are not allowed to ask the buyer to explain why he left a specific review so I am thinking that… may be it’s this case…


They should get back to you soon.

That’s really disappointing for you - I’ve had buyers who haven’t been able to open files because of their computer issues, but nobody’s ever reported me before giving me an opportunity to help.

I hope CS get back to you with a positive solution, as it sounds as if you did everything right. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you saying you got an account warning over this?

You need to take screenshots of him apologizing and saying he made a mistake and send that to customer support.

You need to use the resolution center and ask him to change his review also.

You can take a screenshot of the time you delivered the order also and sent that to customer support to prove the time you delivered it. Otherwise they might think you just now delivered it.

If you got an account warning that usually means you did not deliver anything. So you can show that you DID deliver it on time easily enough to customer support.


i have takes creenshots , order was cancelled 4 hours ago :confused: by custumors support , this feels really unfair and i dont know what is going to happens. My gis is down to the reds …

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he told me i scammed him , gave ma a 1 star review then reported me , after 10 minutes of conversations he stated that he couldnt open the file , and that he was sorry but he didnt change his review rating. i have screenshots to proove everything , and of course the chat log is avaliable for custumor service to see … and yet thet cancelled my order and striked me.

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What does this mean? This is not a phrase that I am familiar with.


Down to the reds * good sir , it means that my profiles rating / order completion is now showing red

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Update : Support contacted me , they said that it can not be changed :confused: and that i didnt meet the buyers requirements , even tho the buyer clearly had his requirements met. I gess i just have to take this loss and move on !

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I really don’t know what to do ! :confused: i sent all the screenshots to the support but they said that there is nothing to be done about it ! even tho its clear that i have delivered If anyone can proivde with me with a solution or just a way to deal with this in the future will be really appreciatied, it make me feel that we are under the mercy of everyone as sellers and there is nothing we can do even with full proof ?