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Buyer misunderstood and gave 1 star rating


I am having a difficult time with a buyer. I offer a service of adding logo into motivational quote images. I have this gig with three different package, 100 images for $5, 200 images for $10 and 350 images for $15.

So after receiving the order of $5 100 images, I delivered it on time. But the buyer gave me 1.4 stars stating “the seller promised 350 images but only delivered 116. then, promised to deliver one style but didn’t."

But I didn’t promise anything nor had a conversation like this or similar. I requested a feedback change but the buyer isn’t responding. I contacted fiverr support and Sean from fiverr support replied that they cannot remove the review. And also mentioned that it would be against policy if I offer the buyer discounts, additional benefit in exchange for feedback change.

Now in this situation what I can possibly do?
Please help me.


You can try to contest it with CS and get it removed, but I think you can only do that once. If you have a lot of great reviews already, I would just let it go and tell your part of the story in that review. You undoubtedly will get more great reviews to cover that bad review up. :slight_smile:

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Your title does promise 350 images.


Hi. I had 5.0 average rating just before it. And now it’s 4.9. Will the average rating on profile renews every 2 months? or it will remain same forever?

Yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s $5 or the basic package.

In that case your gig title is misleading and you deserved a negative - sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:


Then change your title because it’s clickbait since that is not the first one you offer in your package

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Why is that misleading? I offer a total 350 images. Fiverr offers these package system. Then I have the right to create packages. And how come it will mislead anyway? You can alway see what you are ordering before placing the order.

When someone looks at the gig listing (among the other listings), they see the title, and they see “starting at $5” or whatever, so it’s easy to think that you offer 350 images for $5. They should read the description and take a look at the packages, sure, but many don’t do it, especially for that kind of gig (the one which looks pretty straightforward, they send you their logo, you put it on images).

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Nobody does read from right to left. Fiverr premium package shows first then the standard package on middle and basic on right. There is nothing like first or 2nd one packages.

If you don’t want any more negative reviews, change your title :wink:

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That’s what I would expect for $5.


I’m pretty sure the average is continuous. As you get more 5-star reviews, it’ll eventually bury your bad one. You just have to get enough of those good reviews.

You’re in the wrong here.

The title of the relevant Gig clearly states, “I will design 350 instagram motivational quotes with logo”.

From the buyer’s perspective, when you click on a Gig, Fiverr defaults to the STANDARD package, which in your case doesn’t offer 350 quotes, either.

The use of the phrase “up to” between “design” and “350” would have likely cleared up any confusion.

This bears repeating given your responses in this topic: you’re in the wrong here.


If you got this 1 time just leave it. If you get more 5 starts in futures projext your profile again show 5 star.
I hope next time you are not get this type review again.
Best of Luck :slight_smile: