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Buyer modifacation request outside of brief

i have one buyer who is messing me around asking for modifications because he/she FAILED to inform me of certain parameters when asking me to write for him/her.

I have just replied and told the buyer it will cost an extra $5 because I am not psychic- if I am not told something surely I have the right to demand this? yes? no?

I once had a client who kept “forgetting” to tell me details they wanted in the video they asked me to make for them. Guess what? My policy states that after the first revision you must pay an extra $5 for every time you “forget” to include a detail. Seems you have a similar policy! You have every right to charge a little extra.

Do you have modifications set up in your Gig? For example my gig has 1 modification allowed, after I deliver that if they want another modification done Fiverr with automatically charge them $5 when they hit “request mod”.

If you don’t have that, you could just cancel the order if they don’t want to pay your fee.