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Buyer need to know design cost in the inbox

Hi. I am new seller in fiverr. Yesterday i send a buyer a offer,Today that buyer send me a massage in the inbox, he wanted to know his all illustration cost how much i want. Yesterday i send him my demand according to his budget. Today when i send him a design cost in the inbox then Fiverr alarm me “It is against fiverr rule” so what can i do now?


You need to use the “Create an Offer” button in your inbox. That is how you let your buyer know your price according to his budget. Then the buyer will accept or decline your offer.


Don’t share personal contact through Inbox. You can send custom offer to buyer if need price quote.


Thank you very much@vickiespencer

Have you used the word “pay” in your message? That might have triggered the alarm.


Yes, I don’t know this is against fiverr rule. Thanks.@catwriter

So, you got your solution now.

create custom offer for price negotiation


Fiverr gets suspicious if certain words or phrases are sent via messages, like “pay”, “email”, “outside of Fiverr”, because it indicates that someone might be asking for contact outside of Fiverr or to pay outside of Fiverr, and both are strictly forbidden.

It should be perfectly fine to write “the cost would be $250” (or whatever number is suitable).


You have to read fiverr TOS

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