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Buyer Need to order place first

don’t give any buyer a sample they are here to take a free services check the attached file

this is fake buyer please no one can give to a sample .

this is buyer id guys

You are not allowed to post names on the forums so your in ages were removed. If you want to post what you and the buyer said, just post the text without the buyer name. The images were mostly too blurry anyway. Look at the top of the forum and click the link that says “Please review the Do’s & Dont’s.” If you think the buyer is fake or wrong, report it to Customer Support a d you may give them the name.

thank you.

While there are fake buyers, there are also fake seller portfolios. If you get what I mean. ;))

Had quite similar experience, a buyer whom i satisfied after more than 10 revisions he asked. i was a bit annoyed but yet fulfilled all of his demands. Then after delivery, he requested to cancel the order and get his money back with a message “I am satisfied with the work i received” I was so Pi**sed off i delivered work of $60-70 in $10 with very patience and what i am getting in response.
I request Fiverr to make an option of report for buyers too.
Things are messing up in “buyers request” more that are mostly oriented to get the free work or ideas.
There should be a check on seller posting their services in request. I couldn’t figure out what they are upto by Shoting in the dark

few buyers not good. when they got your work, they also cancel the order and said the work quality not good.