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Buyer needed to "upgrade" to view delivered order?


I am a seller and delivered my gig to my seller as a Word document. The buyer reported to me that they were unable to open the document and he was prompted by Fiverr to upgrade ($10) in order to open the document. I tried sending it as a PDF file instead, but he got the same message.

Has anyone heard of this happening before? I’m hoping it’s just a bug in the system and not an actual issue. Mostly because 1) the limitations of the 1200 characters doesn’t allow me to deliver the gig properly 2) I don’t see a penny of that upgrade and 3) it makes ME look really bad. He thought I was trying to pull a fast one on him. I had to explain that I had no idea why that was happening and that I would contact Fiverr support and figure out what was going on.

Anyone else run into this problem?


Sounds like a bug. You could ask customer support. There is also Dropbox where you can put your document and send a link to it to the buyer.


That’s true. I suggested sharing it via Google docs as well. Fiverr support was no help. They told me the customer had to contact them directly and wouldn’t answer my questions. :frowning:


Mystery solved!

There’s a new button involved with delivering orders, which is where the confusion came in. On the left is the old UPLOAD WORK button and now on the right there’s and UPLOAD PROJECT button. I clicked UPLOAD PROJECT, which is an “extra” purchase. If I send it with that, he has to purchase an extra in order to view it.

To send him his delivered gig, I have to send it with the UPLOAD WORK button, which REALLY, REALLY should be the button on the right. Fiverr should really re-order these buttons in my opinion. I didn’t even notice the switch and see that there were now two buttons involved in the delivery of a gig.

Just FYI everyone!


So do you not get any of the addtional $10 the buyer pays if you use the Upload Project button?

I see the file sizes are the same for both so I’m not understanding why they have two buttons.


So the only difference is that the Upload Project button charges the buyer an additional $10 just to have the work delivered, and he doesn’t get told about this charge in advance and the sellers gets none of the additional funds?


I doubt most buyers would be happy to hear that to receive the order they need to pay another $10.


@divavoice: could this be about your Include Project File extra in your music critique gig? It’s $10, and if the buyer didn’t purchase it when he bought your gig, it makes sense that he would be charged for it.


I am getting that message right now, and you are certainly right. I am not happy about it.


this is a big BS from Fiverr