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Buyer needs help accepting delivery & leaving review

I’m working with only my second client, who has ordered 2 gigs from me. She accepted the delivery on the first one on the 1st, and left a review, which I was unaware of until now when she’s just informed me. I have had no notifications about her leaving me a review, and therefore have been unable to leave her a review in return. Does this mean she’s left the review incorrectly? As we’re coming up to the 10-day mark, I’m concerned on missing out on the review (which I wasn’t, because I thought they had 30 days :woman_facepalming:). The second order was delivered on the 7th, however she didn’t accept/reject the delivery and we continued to chat about whether she was happy with it. She decided she is, and now can’t work out how to accept the delivery.

I think she’s using desktop. I’ve read she can accept through delivery tab, but that sounds like in the app only (the same way sellers have timeline/chat tabs)? Does she need to scroll up to where I initially sent the delivery? Or is it easiest to simply re-deliver the work so she gets the pop-up again? The latter sounds best so there’s no confusion, but would be good to know if there’s a way from doing it on her end since she’s been really happy with my work and wants to order again (yay!). :grinning:

Also, how do I phrase my response? Since we can’t ask a buyer to leave a review (which I still find silly, but oh well), can I use the word feedback instead? Sounds like she might need to contact customer support on that though… or am I missing something on my end about leaving HER feedback? Just a bit lost! My first order a month ago the buyer left a review straight away, I left a return review, and it all happened straight away without issue!

Thanks :blush:


if she’s using desktop then it should be really clear where she can click to accept the order and then leave a review. If she’s using the app it might be different. Be very careful in your wording about feedback so you don’t end up in Fiverr jail (yeah, it is stupid). It might just be worth contacting support if she’s not able to confirm the order.


Thanks, I’ve just delivered again and advised to check her dashboard or contact CS in regards to the other order :slight_smile: Be interesting to see if her review for this one comes through straight away or not.

When buyers have technical issues, don’t know how to do x, you can often look it up for them in Fiverr’s Help Pages and give them a link:

It’s also a great idea to buy something yourself at least once, by the way, maybe a nice drawing, or a gift for someone else, to see how things look “from the other side”, that can help you understand issues buyers might have, perhaps even before they have them, and help you to make their journey smooth.

(And yes, make sure to never say anything that might be, or might be seen as, feedback manipulation, that includes things like asking buyers for constructive criticism after they left a less than full 5* review.)

And congratulations on your first orders and reviews!


Thanks! I avoided all mention of review/feedback. My buyer has now left a tip as well, which according to the support pages, can only be done after they’ve left a positive review… so clearly they’re doing something right? But I still cannot find any option either on my dashboard, notifications, order page or elsewhere about how to leave them a review in return? So might this be a technical issue? About to contact CS myself.


I’ve read a couple of other posts recently about reviews disappearing or not showing up at all. It’s maybe a bug.

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Hm, I’m pretty sure I’ve read on the forum that people can leave tips without leaving a review. I’ve only left a tip when I’ve left a review too up to now myself, though, so I can’t speak from personal experience there, but from my experience as a seller, most people who leave a tip also leave a review.

It would, however, be weird if Fiverr didn’t give people the option to tip even if they don’t want to leave a review, after all, they also get a share.

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Yes, buyers can tip their sellers without leaving review. Both actions are independent.


I have had tips without reviews.

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Apologies. I was just going off the FAQ where it states clearly: " A tip can only be provided after you have left your seller a positive review, whether you choose to praise the seller’s work, or just say “thanks.”. Good to hear it’s not actually the case!

Support has got back to me and checked the orders and said the buyer did not leave any reviews, only work samples and said, “As this is a form of review, this is probably what your customer meant when they said that they left a review.”

I somehow doubt it, because the buyer has been commenting over-the-top about how pleased they are, how they want to show their support for me, and specifically said, “I left a glowing review for your blurb when I accepted delivery but I don’t see it posted. Am I missing the correct way of doing that (they offered the review process when I left feedback).” :woman_shrugging: So I believe they have written out something, but it’s just disappeared somewhere or not been submitted correctly when they accepted the sample? Either way, the sample isn’t on my profile either–should that appear after the 10 days? I want to ask the buyer to check again, but obviously difficult to explain to them clearly what to do with the banned words!

It’s no wonder you thought that then. That’s very interesting, since we definitely know that tips can be left without reviewing now, logically, that can only mean that it’s not possible to leave a tip after leaving a negative review. But what is a negative review? Anything below 5 stars, 2 stars, 1 star? What if the review is 5 stars but the review text is negative?

Maybe it’s just sloppy wording/research, or maybe it was that way at some point and was changed, and the text wasn’t updated.
Or maybe the copywriter tried to avoid negative words like “negative” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, who knows.

In any case it’s good to know that tips can be left without reviewing.

Usually, you get a notification that you got a review. Then, you can either leave a review yourself, then the buyer’s review will appear on your profile and gig. If you don’t leave a review, the buyer’s review will appear after 10 days.

I’ve been “surprised” a few times by a review suddenly appearing, in cases where I saw I got a review on the go, and planned to leave one later when back at my laptop but then forgot about it.

I don’t think there’s a way for a sample to show up without the review.
Buyers can choose to leave a review without sample, but sample without review, I don’t think that’s technically possible.

Maybe it’s just sloppy wording/research, or maybe it was that way at some point and was changed, and the text wasn’t updated.

Yeah, I’d say so! (Don’t know how to quote a user?)

We finally got the issue sorted out. :slight_smile: Well, I still don’t know what the issue was exactly, but my buyer resubmitted the reviews tonight and they finally came through and I was able to leave my reviews too, so yay! :smiley: Thanks all!

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