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Buyer needs refund why?

i did professional work but the buyer need only his money back after i deliver the project which is a video editing , i’m afraid of negative feedback , so i will refund instead 1 star , even work was professional.

how to deal with like those buyers please???

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I just checked on of your gigs, and you are offering “Amazing lyric video, 99999 words max with amazing animations” for 35 bucks.

100k words? Really? That’s an entire novel lol.


because even the lyrics too long it will be just up to minute sir .
you have any idea on my problem?

It doesn’t say anywhere on the gig that it is only up to one minute. You are offering 100.000 words for $35 with no time limit and unlimited revisions. You have far great problems that whatever you’re facing atm.


How do you think the longest song would be ,?

no more than 10 minute so it is simple to manage

You’re missing the point. You’re promising one thing but then not delivering it. If you don’t see why that’s a problem, you indeed have bigger issues.

In any case it makes no business sense to offer that much for little money and it’s very hard to believe you would do it anyway.


Is it


Also, if the song does happen to have 999,999 words, it is going to be very long. And you’re promising to deliver it for $35 with unlimited revisions.

Overall, it looks like you have no idea what you’re promising, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if good buyers avoid you (because they prefer sellers who know what they’re doing), and the abusive ones use the opportunity to manipulate you into working forever because you’re setting unreasonable expectations.


You’re Right thank you for advice

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I can do it professnionally from the first time that’s why i offer unlimited revisions , even the asks for domthing messing i will do it.

Offering unlimited revisions is the very worst thing you can do because it means a buyer can keep asking you for revisions and CS won’t help you if your buyer won’t complete the order.

It also makes you look unprofessional. People will wonder why you would ever need to do that ie) why can’t you get it right the first time?

This just encourages super sketchy buyers and deters legit ones.


If my advice could be of any help, don’t offer unlimited revisions - never! Under no circumstances!

Unlimited revision opens the door to cheating buyers, where you’ll see yourself in very nasty and frustrating situations, and CS won’t be able to help you.


Emm… Right thanks i’ll readjusting that

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Right said madam thank you :slight_smile:

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