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Buyer needs to cancel before work begins!

Buyer needs to cancel BEFORE seller begins the job. After submitting payment it showed the order number and the $25 price for 1 quantity. Seller agreed to 3 quantities for $25 instead in chat exchange and is trying to tell me to disregard where it said1 quantity for $25. I just want to cancel instead of taking a chance. HOW DO I CANCEL? I have repeatedly asked for this order to be canceled PRIOR to fulfilling it but keep getting ignored. WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE? I even offered to come back when I can pay $75 ($25/ea). I have refused to submit requirements because I just want to cancel the order.


Canceling will hurt sellers stats, so they’ll never want to do it. If he said he will do everything for the price, just take it, I don’t see what the problem is for you. The seller is the one getting screwed over either way.

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Well, I assume that you have agreed to specific terms with the seller via the inbox and then received a custom offer that you have accepted. What did that custom offer say?

A custom offer still counts as buying only one gig even if it is for more work than a normal gig. Thus, the quantity will show as ‘1.’

Also, I really don’t see what the problem is - the seller is still willing to deliver for the agreed price.

If you still want to cancel, here is how:

Found through a simple Google search. Though, I think it would be more helpful if you took some time to research how Fiverr works.


Vibronx, does our chat exchange provide ample proof of what we have agreed on if the agreement is not upheld? And what are my options if I am delivered less than what was agreed upon (hypothetically speaking)? VisualStudios, it’s good that you believe everyone is honest. Not out to screw anyone or get screwed by anyone. Thanks for your concern.

We are not the Customer Support here, but simply fellow buyers and sellers, so we cannot see your chat exchange. However, your chat exchange should provide enough proof for Customer Support if something was agreed on in the chat that was not delivered as promised.

If the seller delivers less than what was promised, you can go through the Resolution Center, which is described in the link I provided in my previous post (and here:

Alternatively, you can contact Customer Support here:

Please be aware that it can take Customer Support up to 10 days to respond at the moment due to COVID-19.

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Awesome info. Certainly appreciated. Thanks vibronx. Settled!

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I don’t believe everyone is honest. But you don’t have to either. If the seller is trying to trick you, it will be evident and then you can just cancel and get the money back if he tries to deliver less than he promised.

I don’t have to either? I don’t have to what?

believe that everyone is honest

Bubbles1595, I tried that already. It didn’t always work out so well. However, it’s a very kind way to believe.

My point was, you don’t have to believe everyone is honest. You should never do that. There are systems in place to protect you.


Well said, visualstudios. Thanks for your concern. :slight_smile: