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Buyer needs UNIQUE, OUTSTANDING design in 5 hours!

I’m a graphic designer, this is what I faced a few days back. I tried my best, but she was not impressed. I offered a revision, also created an entire new design for the BASIC $5 gig.

With due respect to the buyer’s demands, something which might be unique and eye catching to me, may not be to the buyer. It is a matter of perspective. Also the time frame was too short to create something productive. Had to cancel the order mutually, thus affecting my cancellation rate.

I have clearly mentioned in the gig description that I do not do rush order, and I have also mentioned that for such orders, to kindly contact before placing an order. I see people hardly read the description.

Did anyone face such an incident?

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Your question really should be, who hasn’t faced such an incident?


Sad, i would ask to cancel the order and stop working. The work should be fun and not frustrating actions on and on. Good luck