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Buyer Neither accepting order nor responding

Hello all,

I was working for a buyer on his project… I completed and delivered him on time.

Now he want me to complete another project with the same order… He’s not accepting the order and I don’t know anything about the new project…

My order is 7 days late in revision… What should I do?

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Deliver the agreed work again and if he is not responding the order will marked as completed automatically by Fiverr. If the buyer responds and asks to do another project in the same order. Contact to customer support and Explain each point in details with nice flow and respected words.

They will help you.

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But he don’t accept… Just mark new revision

Explain to your buyer what a revision is. To me it is a small change in the delivered work because the seller made an error.

Once you have explained what a revision is then tell your buyer you will gladly send them another custom offer to cover the cost of his new request. Then redeliver what you already delivered.

If you cannot do the new work your buyer is requesting redeliver what you have already with a note saying you cannot help them any further.

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