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Buyer neither responding nor providing required information

Hello Fellow Sellers. I got my first order. But the buyer is not providing the required details. He didn’t discuss anything before and after buying. It’s been 8 days since I received the order and I sent him 3 messages but he didn’t even reply to my messages. He was online yesterday.

What should I do now?

You failed to set your GIGs requirements properly. You can set so the order timer doesn’t start unless he provides requirements.

You should cancel if he doesn’t respond, unfortunately.

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If the order in the “incomplete” mode, it will stay like that until the buyer comes back and provide you the details. It will do no harm for you. So you can stay that way unless you want to cancel the order.

Thanks for the reply. The order timer is not started. I am just confused about what to do with this order as the buyer is not responding. But buyer comes online daily. Should I wait for the buyer to respond (if yes how long should I wait) or cancel this order as it is already 8 days?

Thanks for the reply. How long should I wait?

Just leave it alone. If the order has not started that means his money is taken from his account but you are safe.
Once he realizes that he is not doing right he will either contact you or ask for cancelation.