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Buyer Never Sent Full Materials Needed

Hi there.

I’ve been working on a website rewrite gig for about ten days now. It’s for 4,500 words, but the buyer only sent 3,500 and said the other 1,000 were “to come later” when they booked the gig. Also, I’ve sent documents with the 3,500 words I have rewritten for them to revise, but they’ve ignored almost all of them.

Cut to ten days later, it’s right before the deadline, I never got the 1,000 words and they only gave edits on 2/7 documents. I know they won’t be active again until an hour before the deadline (they live in a different time zone). I’ve asked them several times to send the 1,000 words and make edits (or say the writing is OK) and they always ignore my messages.

What should I do? I’m going to deliver what I have before the deadline, but can the buyer hold me to writing the other 1,000 words and doing the rest of the revisions after the order has been delivered?

EDIT: I’ve also been asking the buyer questions and leaving notes in our messages, but they’ve ignored all of them so far.


This happens a lot. I won’t take an order unless they provide everything upfront. I immediately cancel if they promise to provide the remaining content in a few days. Nine times out of ten it turns into a logistical nightmare.

Open a dispute to extend it. You can get into trouble for completing a gig that isn’t fully complete. You can also open a ticket with Fiverr for assistance.

@samwrightwrites Thanks for the advice! Just opened a dispute for an extension. It’s kind of close to the deadline, and I’m worried she won’t respond to the dispute before then. Will the order still be marked as late if she ignores my delivery/dispute?