Buyer never submitted requirements



I am going away for a week tomorrow and so I won’t be able to complete any orders at all. I have just put my gig in vacation mode to prevent new orders.

The problem: Someone bought my gig about 3 days ago and never submitted their requirements or replied to my nudge. I won’t be able to do any orders at all this week and I am worried he will submit requirements while I am away. What should I do?



I think your best bet is to use the resolution center, offer him a cancellation and refund, and explain that even if he accepts the order, you would be unable to do the work at this point. After that, it’s out of your hands.


Ok! If I ask buyer to cancel, will my record be affected?



Yes, it will.

If I were you, (and you will still be able to check your Fiverr messages, I’d let this order sit where it is. Then if you see that the buyer does get round to submitting information, either send him a request to extend the deadline or cancel.

I have non-started orders from June, hence why I say don’t to anything until it goes live.


According to CS, neither mutual cancellations nor unanswered cancellations (when you send a request for cancellation and the buyer does not accept nor decline it within 48hs) count against your rating, but they will affect your Orders Completed stats. CS says these stats are only for you, and will not affect your rating.

Me, I would’ve already cancelled instead of risk missing the order getting through without me noticing and then getting a 1-star and an angry customer due to an undelivered order.


I don’t think you can cancel an order that has not yet started, at least using the resolution button. I wouldn’t worry too much about it affecting your record of cancellations.

It’s unfortunate we have to stress about cancellations now when there are times when they are a necessity. Go ahead and ask customer support to cancel it.