Buyer no accepting my order


buyer didn’t accept my order the order is completed i delivered it but he says that its not working on my mobile but here it is working properly i checked it in diffrenet mobile phones i am a android developer now he want to cancel the order the fact is he want source code and i was give him that source code now he trying to cancel the order what can i do please help i have a proof that app is working properly


If only there was a service for customers… who were hired and trained to do with this sort of thing.


Yeah, CS could be useful but also, just saying no to cancellation is the other option.


i told him and gave him the proof `


can you tell me how fiverr act upon on this ?
i meant to say how can i say the fiverr team to contact that person


You can ask them by submitting a Ticket at but I think they will tell you that you need to deal with the buyer yourself.