Buyer No Longer Exists


I was trying to close out a gig and when I clicked the “Deliver Work” button, I got a message “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.” When I click on the buyer’s name, I get this message “The user account you are looking for is no longer available.” I cannot close the gig. I cannot cancel the gig. Will this affect me at all? I feel like I should be using the power of caps lock, I’m so frazzled right now. :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve had a few of those lately myself. Just contact CS so they will cancel the order for you.


Unfortunately for you the gig was restricted/taken down, for violating Fiverr TOS. It’s for your own protection.

Contact customer support and they will help you.


May be buyer account has been suspended, its okay contact with Customer Support…